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  1. Hello Anyone have any issues staying in rented condo's, where the bathroom smells like a sewage ? If so, how you managed to get rid of the smell ? and where the smell come from ? Drainage Pipes, toilets, showers etc.
  2. I am travelling to England later this year, London Heathrow, last time I went with Eva (day time flight). Looking at Thai Airways (night time flight), and arrive in the morning. Anyone have a preference ? Thai Airway vs Eva. Thanks
  3. It was a while ago when had it done, about 5 years, think around the 15-20k I paid. I am not too sure. The department is the digestive disease.
  4. Yes, they start with you taking medicine (Laxatives), you wait for a while, for laxtives to work, bowels must be completely empty before the procedure. If laxatives don't work, they will give you an enema same day.
  5. Yes, and awake all the time, there is a screen, so you can watch the procedure. Most uncomfortable for me, was the preparation, the laxatives wasn't working, so they gave me an enema.
  6. It is recommnded if you are 50+ years old, to prevent colon cancer, so doctors will recommend to have it done. I had it done at Bumrungrad Hospital, Easy procedure, a few hours, they will give you some kind of laxative at the hospital to help empty the bowels, you go home the same day. Procedure bit uncomfortable but I think worth it, as can prevent you getting cancer.
  7. Hometown far away apparently so stayed where she was and paid the bill.
  8. When Thai's need Healthcare treatment and they live in a different province from their hometown, can they get free treatment, can register in another province (Like we can do in the West) ? or is treatment only free if they go back to their hometown where they are registered ? Reason for the question, is that I speaking to a friend who got Denge Fever, Hospitalised for two weeks, away from Hometown and used all her savings to pay for the treatment because she was not living in her Hometown. What if have major operation, have kids that need treatment, or even have an accident ? for us expats, most of us have private insurance to cover our treatment.
  9. My sleep routine is similar, but am in bed, by 9:00 - 9:30 pm. Awake between 4:00 to 5:00 am everyday (no alarm clock) Having this lifestyle all my life, I think down to my fathers life in the military. I am 59 years old and no health issues so far, exercise daily, swimming, weights, walking and calisthenics. Meals consist of Fish, some carbs, vegetables and Breakfast cereal with Greek Yoghurt and Fresh Fruit with Greek Yogurt. no red meat. Stay Healthy, with plenty of sleep, exercise and watch what you eat.
  10. Lake Mabprachan: https://www.pattayaunlimited.com/mabprachan-lake/
  11. I am in the process of moving to another condo. When moving to another condo that you like, what do you with paying the deposits and 1st month rent. Pay a booking fee with agent then sign contract, pay the 1st month rent + deposit on the day you move ? or Sign contract, pay all with Agent before the moving date ?
  12. Useful Information. Thank you For anyone who is British, living in Thailand, and withdrawing there UK private pension funds into Thailand, what's the situation with the double tax treaty, are we exempt ? I heard every country has different rules regarding this.
  13. I am looking to have my eyes tested for Glaucoma, does anyone have any recommendations in the Pattaya area ?
  14. I am wondering who you will call if you have a problem with your car ? I don't travel too far, mostly around Pattaya but occasionally travel on the highways to Bangkok, who do you call if you breakdown on the highway ? Anyone have a breakdown service, I drive a banger with 200,000 Km on the clock, but don't take too many trips.
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