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  1. They don't care about us anymore, they want the Chinese billionaires.
  2. If the country is reopening in a couple of weeks, why do you need travel bubbles?
  3. Decision? He have instructed the CCSA and health authorities to CONSIDER. The most wishy-washy decision I ever heard of.
  4. And how do you contract covid19 when gambling? The viruses drop down on the spinning roulette and spread like a tornado?
  5. Cocktail without recepies, add some creme de banana, what could go wrong?
  6. Gradually stop worry? It's already forgotten. I went to a Central mall yesterday, AIS had a promotion with Iphones... do I need to describe the stampede?
  7. If it's fully paid, it doesn't say anything about a minimum. While if you only pay a deposit, it has to be atleast 15.000B. Since there obvious are cheaper alternatives, the deposit thing doesn't really make any sense.
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