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  1. Yes her last visa was in 2018. Thank you for your help. It is so hard to ask specific questions these days. So in your opinion, since we have a eTA, we are good to go?
  2. When applying for a visitor visa to Canada for my wife (Thai). The website suggested an eTA, electronic travel authorization. So we applied and got one. My wife got one because she has had visas to Canada before. Now I am wondering if she still needs a visa. The gov website made it seem like a substitute for a visa. But we don't know for sure, and can't get that information from the websites. I fear that we will find out at the airport that the visa is required. I would like to know for sure. There is still time to apply for a visa, but not much. Has anyone from here had experience with an eTA for a Thai person?
  3. All the cheaper flights to Canada go through the US these days. I wondered how complicated it is to get a transit visa for my wife (Thai) in Chiang Mai. She had one before, but it was a long time ago. And how long does it take?
  4. Thank you very much. I did use a search engine by the way, it only gave me Chiang Mai locations. I appreciate your help.
  5. I need a photo for a Canadian passport, and I don't want to go all the way to Chiang Mai
  6. Why is it necessary to attack Biden? Any video clip shows the man is a drooling dementia patient, somehow propped up by the best chemistry man can buy. Those who choose not to see it can't be reached through reason.
  7. I am coming back to Thailand through Hong Kong. When I left three weeks ago, there was a lot of concern about Covid in China and some confusion over the requirements to enter Thailand, ie. PCR tests... I am out of the loop now, so I don't know the situation anymore. Will coming from Hong Kong be a problem, And do they require a PCR test on entry? Or previous to entry?
  8. I was heading out next week to see my parents, who are old and not well. I had to wait two years for the BS vax restrictions to be removed. I could have gone before Christmas, but I had some things to take care of here first. Now I will have to cancel my flights and possibly never see them again.
  9. Don't have TV, but thought I would watch Canada/Croatia. Don't care what language.
  10. Anyone know where to look up the amount of rainfall in given area in Thailand. In Chiang Rai we seemed to have had an exceptionally wet year.
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