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  1. Yet more proof , as if we needed it as it is common knowledge, that a vaccine will not stop infection. Simply reduce the symptoms.
  2. I voted coffee as I can drink tea instead. What replaces beer had I voted that way?
  3. On my chicken chaser , yesterday, put a different variator and different weights. Still breaking it in. I aimed for 6500 during acceleration now I'm getting 6200. So I still have a bit of tweaking/drilling to do.
  4. Not a quick job but stick them in a blender full of water. No one will read the pulp you produce.
  5. Being vaccinated doesn't stop infection or spreading. It simply reduces the symptoms. So as long as all Canadians are vaccinated they are safe from each other.
  6. Mick Doohan on riding an NSR 300. Well OK sitting on.
  7. I think it is the local bank as it doesn't even offer 20 or 30,000. |I'll try a different bank's machine.
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