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  1. ^ No, so mythical better performance is not an issue.
  2. The title of the thread is "Reality". EV's are one-trick ponies. 0 to whatever acceleration is their only trick. Or the only trick people keep harping on about. GWM Ora is quicker away from the lights but slower to 100kph/60 than a Suzuki Celerio.
  3. Would it be more fun or would it just be for nefarious purposes? There is already a "darker" forum?
  4. Or Have a dedicated prepaid Visa debit card which is only used for online purchases or payments.
  5. How does not wearing a helmet cause an accident🧐. Just asking.
  6. Have asked other owners if they have a problem. It maybe bigger than just you.
  7. Bolt prices have gone nuts? I dislike threads like this.
  8. All in the three or four main cities. Outside them is is generally OK.
  9. and yet some bars give the girls a shot of Tequila at the start of their "shift" (or used to)
  10. How about some facilities where kids can race and not race on the streets🤔
  11. No hoops they just gave me one. Then someone said go there for a photo and they gave me a card.
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