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  1. Yes, I saw the advertisement also. Fall back position, get a marriage Visa.
  2. O-A Visa holders must have required insurance. Currently, the same people having an O Visa are not required to have this health coverage. So, my plan is to exit Thailand and re-enter Visa Exempt, then seek an O Visa for reason of retirement. The 11,400 baht is the lowest cost (200,000 baht deductible) Thai insurance meeting the minimums of 40K out patient, 400K in patient coverage.
  3. I entered with an O-A Visa for Retirement a decade ago. Awaiting a change to an O Visa ASAP so I do not have the useless insurance requirement (due to age 74 and pre-existing conditions that insurance will decline to pay for, I suspect). 11,400 baht annually ... on top of any associated Extension cost.
  4. Yes, after not hearing anything more from Expatvac (after the initial affirmation that I was successfully registered), I sought further clarification here in Chiang Mai. I learned that the Honorary British Consul was working with a group of volunteers with the Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office. Through this contact, I was walked through registration on "the Chiang Mai Wall" and issued an immediate registration number (later required to present when the public notices went out giving information of when and where to report for the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine donation from the US. I was i
  5. I have had both doses here in Chiang Mai. Agree, did not hear back from Expatvac except message that I was successfully registered. Then told by US Consulate and Honorary Brit Consul here to register with the provincial health department. After that, all smooth. Over 18s Pfizer Vaccination for Foreign Residents in Chiang Mai: Ticket Holders Only Tuesday 19th October 2021 Vaccination Centre Promenada Mall 08:30-12:30 – Foreign Residents Over 25 Yrs Age (YOB 1996 or earlier) Ticket Holders Only 13:30 -14:30- Foreign Residents 18 - 24 Yrs Age (YOB 1997 - 2003) Ticket Holde
  6. We are still having Pfizer distribute to foreigners here in Chiang Mai. Hav to be registered online.
  7. I listened to a member of the group issuing this warning on the basis of the long study. Of course everyone is in different circumstances. Nothing new regarding me. 5 by-passes in 2005, heart attack resulting in stent and 2 additional angioplasties in 2015. Feeling fine BUT, hmmm, colesterol meds, hypothyroid meds, blood pressure meds, Concur and baby aspirin. So, I listen to my Cardiologist. Interesting, I have found I cannot use any additional aspirin, for a headache, for example. If I had done so, I woke up looking through blood spots in my eyes … yikes!
  8. Prophylaxis … action taken to prevent disease, especially by specified means or against a specific disease. As in taking vaccines ….
  9. Or not need the money and wish to continue to work with students? I had considered doing so when I first retired to Chiang Mai. In the end, I found I was quite happy just being retired after 41 years in the classroom.
  10. I have had an unsubstantiated theory since first visiting Thailand that the laws dealing with toys or porn was an effort to restrict this so as to encourage employment … if you get my drift.
  11. Had my two shots out of the USA donated allotment. Thai wife scheduled for the paid Moderna at a hospital here in Chiang Mai (hopefully next month). Thai Stepdaughter scheduled for Pfizer at her school this month.
  12. Did I state this somewhere? Thought the discussion was allowing for a free discourse of our understanding of the right of self defense in the use of deadly force. As to the case at hand, not enough is known in order to make an informed opinion.
  13. Having lived in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and held a Concealed Deadly Weapon License, it was my understanding that the use of deadly force was only warranted in defense of life (your’s or another’s life), not in order to protect property. Of course, every case must be judged on its own presented evidence. My understanding was, if someone forcefully broke into my home that would present evidence that I was in fear of my life and thus had a right to use deadly force. If I had invited someone in or no forced entry was involved and a fight ensued, that would be a different matter. The burden of
  14. I do agree that a major consideration for my retiring to Thailand in 2011 was a lower cost of living and thus being able to maintain a working middle class comfortable retirement. Still, with maintaining a 1 million baht brought into the country each year, I do not that I am a poor retiree. Yes, I note you said most not all. I really am curious to know, if fact, what the average western retiree in Thailand spends per year and an estimated net worth.
  15. I certainly is Thailand well but … same mindset of have seen in housing prices. Nice if you can get it and there certainly are people out there with the big bucks as we have recently seen in the report of who is buying up condos. Just how many are there … how many can Thailand attract in completion with other luxury destinations? My vote would be to aim at, no not the beg packers, rather the vast majority wishing the working middle class who are looking for a unique, exotic vacation … or in my case, retirement destination. Or, of course you can keep building and leaving constructed places all
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