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  1. That was my first thought. I think you may have nailed the problem since there is no leak.
  2. Correct decision. Last year at this time we were in the USA, the year before in Koh Samui. This year, down payment on house took any chance of fleeing. Only consolation is the new house has 4 air conditioners filtering the 2.5 particles.
  3. I am thinking this was someone’s ham hocked response at the portrayed photos of Trump behind bars or in prison attire. The subtle difference is lost on those without critical thinking … or just the ability to think …
  4. Trump wins only if his cre turns out … and the vast majority of American voters do not vote. I they majority votes he … again … will be defeated.
  5. Sorry for your having been, “put through the wringer”. Thailand is looking crack down currently of those out of the norm foreigner requests. Don’t take it personally, you just got caught up in the closer than usual investigation of valid requests. I am very sorry to hear of your loss, and have no doubt that the IO was also sympathetic.
  6. Agree. When I was looking at Chiang Mai as a possible retirement, I was offered to be taken around in a Tik Tuk. No scam the driver took meo a gem factory, to Big C, to Taylor shop, etc. He was quite open about his getting a tip at each shop for brining a potential customer by. I got almost a full day being taken around in a city with which I not familiar. On another trip in Bangkok, I was taken to the Manhattan Taylor Shop where I bought 3 shirts and two suits. I counted neither experience as negative as I was fully aware of what to expect on both our parts.
  7. The reason for the confesión is tied to a reduced penalty. Wonder if these two know this?well, doesn’t matter … they declared that they are innocent.
  8. I am thinking, more than anything else, his financial empire collapsing thus utterly destroying his ego may well result in a mental challenge for him. Of course, there is a real chance he will hold on to his delusions until his demise.
  9. Agreed, except it was 2009. I was a fat boy in a candy shop, quite literally. Thailand ... "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." from what I was familiar with in Western Kentucky.
  10. Certainly caution is advised. As to financial catastrophe, I limit the funds here in Thailand which mitigates the risk. Thus my use of the monthly income method into one bank account for monthly expenses. Another bank account for savings (also limited amount). I guess I took it to heart when upon retiring here that one should put at risk only what one could afford to lose.
  11. Recommend Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) signup on the State Department/ Embassy website. Up to you how much info to list but you do have the ability to list next of kin, etc. which will aid the US Embassy in contacting family upon notification of your death. A Thai Will certainly is recommended.
  12. Thank you for telling me that Australia provides school transportation for all students, truly, I did not know as I have not studied nor visited Australia. As to the mandatory stopping to allow the students safe time to cross the road upon entering or exiting the school bus and crossing the road safely? I will continue to support. But then to each country and their population … their sovereign choice without others condemnation … my valued Allie.
  13. Damn those Americans. Question, how many other countries provide school bus transportation for their students? Not in Thailand, not in Mexico last time I was there, hmm, if fact I have not recall witnessing this in any of the countries I have visited (certainly not the majority of the world's countries).
  14. Here, the Thai Police could invite in American Police ... as they have the most mass shooting incidents in the world (don't jump before considering that I am speaking of my own country ... and in condemnation).
  15. I could not be opposed to Chinese national expats (nor Russsians for that matter) volunteering with the Tourist Police on the same basis but I do not think that is what is being proposed.
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