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  1. I am talking abut a return trip from Bangkok to the UK. There are different rules if you exit and return within 21 days. I have a non O visa valid till Sept 2022
  2. Yes, I did have an appointment but I do not think that made any difference. I was one of the first to get their 2nd jab at Bang Sue and I was clearly the first farang to ask for a certificate. They were not aware that we did not have the 13 digit number and I eventually found a guy who knew how to generate the number-he then processed the certificate for me. Had you rather than your wife done the asking the outcome might have been different.
  3. Thank you-I THINK that will not be a problem with the UK-I think!
  4. If I return to the UK for 10 days and then come back to Thailand what paperwork do I need? Just direct BBK-LHR -BKK.
  5. I, too , was vaccinated at Bang Sue. I was not given a certificate but asked around at the various computer desks and got one. If you don't ask you don't get!
  6. I am from the UK and live in Pattaya. I have often had problems with various types of money transfers of one kind or another. In each and every case until now the problem has been in the UK-never in Thailand. Recently I have had problems receiving OTP's from HMRC ( Inland Revenue) and after some hard work they have solved the problem. The problem is with the server in Thailand and they discovered it involved most servers. The servers admitted receiving the OTP's and then admitted to not passing them on. They do now. If a call to the Thai server does not produce the required result maybe
  7. Something nobody has mentioned so far. Beware of fake red plates. I was stopped at a toll booth on the way into Bangkok. If the dealer does not give you the book you can assume the plates are fake-my experience.
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