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  1. I have learned from experience that the first four digits of a CC identifies the card company and the issuer. I would suspect that there is more public info out there about this if one would put some effort into looking.... This thing with the secret number on the back of the card is somewhat of a farce when nearly every transaction requires that you reveal it.
  2. For the past few decades (at least) it has not been unusual to find a newspaper article in Malaysia or Thailand telling of how they busted a bunch of Chinese lads with a briefcase full of stolen credit cards. Maybe what we are seeing here is a change in tactics. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone at the top of the scam is a LE poobah. Once I bought an MAL ticket online for a local flight out of KL. Checked in, took my time getting to the gate as I had an hour to kill. When I got there I handed the attendant my boarding pass. She then turned her hea
  3. So, they will bring in a million foreign tourists, this k-pop star and a Western opera singer. Ok, maybe tourists from Singapore, starved for acts from other parts of the world. Lisa will bring out the teenagers and tweenies in Thailand, but foreign tourists? And each tourist will exchange app. US$2,300 when in the country. The only way they are going to pull that one off is if they paid up front, the whole package in one lump sum paid upon entry ("you pay now!"). This kind of sounds like one of those US teen comedies where the kids try to raise money for new cheerleader outfits,
  4. 60% of Thai people believe country not ready to reopen to foreign arrivals The other 40% live in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.
  5. You don't need to refer to Finland or berries to appreciate the contrast. In any of the Western economies any minimum wage job would pay multiples of a Thai (or Malaysian, or Indonesian, etc) wage. When I first lived in Brazil (early 2000s) the minimum wage was app. US$80, this for laborers as well as elementary school teachers. Just about any "working girl" in Rio would have have jumped at the chance to get started in the US by making US$200/week as a housekeeper. The fact that this amount would barely cover her basic living expenses, well, no one wanted to hear that.
  6. Don't get too excited, she's gay.
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