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  1. Idiocy. Why such a complicated 6-round voting process? It will be a disaster with a million challenges to the legitimacy of the senators. Why not just scrap the senate. They do nothing but frustrate democracy, they will not be missed.
  2. 20:20 vision. Try pulling that kind of nonsense with bouncers in nightclubs in the west, you will end up with a hammering as well.
  3. I watched the YouTube version. The foreign guys were dicks for refusing to pay and then squaring up to the guards, who are paid to sort this type of trouble out. The head kick looked bad but I don't think the guards were wearing boots or heavy shoes, although the guy in white did look hurt, so that was excessive as the guy was one the floor anyway and no threat. As far as I can see the guards were just doing their jobs, which is to give a good hammering to people who refuse to pay. But the odds were ok and better than the usual 10 onto 1 we see on videos. Seems like the usual high quality pissed up Brits Thailand sees to attract, or their equivalent from somewhere else, where they want to play the big hard guy, but actually can't handle it.
  4. No, the women abandoned you Killery, because you are an entitled, vain, pig-headed, fat, ugly war pig.
  5. Thailand desperately needs a strategy. They need to analyse the data, forecast global demand in. various categories over the next few years and build a strategy and competences to take advantage of large and growing markets. Thailand cannot keep going on Mr Thaksin's successful growth strategies of old which are now 20 years out of date.
  6. If I were czars of all czars, my first action would be to outlaw these vile ugly things.
  7. I won't be bidding for 10 year old rice. Human edible rice is cheap enough already.
  8. From my perspective the UK is pushing escalation of a European war, and has posed relentlessly for it. If I had a child of military age I'd send him to the US or Canada for his tertiary education and early work experience. Having said that there don't seem to be many prospects for kids in the UK, maybe I'd send the kids anyway.
  9. You must be a simpleton. A non cash world is around the corner. The benefit is that it makes corruption more difficult that with cash. Sweden practically eliminated cash transactions and for unknown (to me) reasons they have back tracked slightly. But even your 10 baht transaction at the paper store came to be a wave of the card in Sweden and I see in Starbucks here, the vast majority of customers seem to order and pay for their wares with cards.
  10. More propaganda to do away with cash. I use cash for any face to face transaction. Cash obviously doesn't work on the internet but it still works for everything else. I don't want o be forced into using any particular way of paying by greedy credit card companies that charge enormous fees. I have an AMEX which I don't use in Thailand, but for travel. And I have a local bank credit card that I use on the internet, at hotels etc.
  11. Is anything worse than the bigotry of organised religion?
  12. It's simpler all round to use a local card age Kasikorn Visa.
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