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  1. Have I ever made an intelligent and sensible post? Cmon, let's be honest now. It's never been known to be part of my forte.
  2. I think there is so much chemical preservatives and formaldehyde in beer made in Thailand that, not only does it stay fresh a lot longer, but most people who drink it regularly don't need to be embalmed when they pass.
  3. Bobby, I think I've identified the possible problem you are having that is causing offense. Thus, stop trying to sh@g the boyfriends. Try hitting on some of the girls instead.
  4. I just want to add that many of the natural things mentioned in this thread like senna and the natural Thai products made from ginger, tamarind, and other things are not really what you want. I say this because that many of these things generally work by causing some indigestion that can cause the bowels to spasm and push harder than usual to get things out. The result can be discomfort, sometimes a loss of hydration, and the hard pushing can sometimes cause other things like hemorrhoids. So they should only be used for short term relief of heavy constipation. But what people should really do is focus on long term dietary and lifestyle changes that increase natural fiber intake to increase toileting regularity and reduce the amount of dairy, fatty and other types of foods that often cause the opposite effect. If you eat about 200 grams of raw salad per day and get at least another 20 grams of fiber from other things (like psyllium husk) you should be good. They say that daily fiber intake should be about 35 grams a day. I think the average person probably takes in about 15 to 20 grams per day at most, in some cases, maybe even a lot less, which is often the root of the problem.
  5. I will alert the media. Tact and social etiquette remain your two strongest traits. 👍🏼
  6. OMG, here we go again, bobby-the-man-getter has been thrown out of bars, restaurants, gyms, baht busses, short time hotels, doctor's offices, car wrecks, and just about everywhere else in Thailand for speaking his version of Thai and now he's claiming his Thai is very good. Lol, you can't make this sh*t up, can you? Speaking Thai has given most foreigners the ability to open more doors to communication in Thailand. Thinking that speaking Thai is a bad thing is normally reserved for the people who don't speak it clearly enough to where it results in cohesive dialogue and/or they speak it impolitely. Meanwhile, bung-boy-bobby goes out on tranny patrol in Soi 6/1 and thinks being able to ask the price of short time, long time, and a reach around in Thai constitutes speaking good Thai. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
  7. I remember that song now and liked it. Never knew anything about the band. The thumbnail on the video you posted actually looks a bit like Bruce Springsteen when he was younger. Cracker has a nice sound that kind of reminds me of Oasis a bit too. Speaking of Oasis, memories of a great song:
  8. My view is the ones who live in Thailand and can speak Thai have it much easier when it comes to dealing with many aspects of daily life. The ones who can't speak more than Taxi-Thai then struggle a lot and deal with their own fair share of frustrations, misunderstandings and miscommunications. The strugglers often then blame the locals for incompetence when in fact it's their own inability to communicate in the local language that is the inherent problem. The reasons many foreigners don't learn the language? The feel they don't need it, they aren't interested, they are lazy, they don't care, they have bad memories, they don't like learning new things, they are embarrassed to try, they believe everyone else should speak English, who knows. But the reasons are probably endless. I think it makes more sense to focus on the downsides to not learning the local language in a foreign country where you are a long time resident and where proficiency of English in the country in general is pretty low.
  9. Your maths skills appear to be almost unmatched. But let's double check: How many posts have I made now? How many posts do you usually make when you are inebriated and sitting on the can? How many fingers am I holding up now?
  10. The reason I made some sarcastic posts earlier in this topic is because this is nothing unique to Thailand and yet people are getting so fired up about that video. For at least 40 years people have been dying on the roads in Thailand at a rate of about 22,000 a year, or about 60 per day. I've seen lots of carnage on the roads in Thailand myself and some with very large blood smears on the road that were far worse than all the flying metal seen in this video. Everybody watching this is gushing over this crash as if it's unique when in fact the average is that one person dies on the roads in Thailand every half hour of the entire day. Sure, this is another bad wreck, but nobody died and most people don't get a front row seat like this so suddenly they are acting astonished at the carnage on the roads in Thailand. Yes, I would love for Thailand not to be the country with the greatest number of road deaths in the world per year (only second to Libya), but nothing is going to change and unfortunately it will continue to go on and on. A sad, but now accepted reality.
  11. Nuts don’t do much. I eat 60 grams a day. They are healthy, but don’t clean out the colon. 200 grams would be about 1200 calories. Too much in a day. Also, Brazil nuts can cause selenium overdoses. Read about it. Basically more than 2 Brazil nuts a day and you’re exceeding the RDA of selenium.
  12. Correct, ACV does not work as a colon cleanser. It’s just a prebiotic for gut health. Senna is dangerously unhealthy when used for sustained periods of time. Read about it.
  13. Agreed. Or you can buy a little digital scale on Lazada for less than 100 Baht and measure yourself: https://s.lazada.co.th/s.n8ncj
  14. Naah, in the LOS they don’t even need to be on drugs to pull a stunt like that. They pull that sh*t just on Som Tam power alone.
  15. Fun, fun, fun. Everyone commenting got a thrill out of this video. Otherwise just another boring Sunday.
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