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  1. Honor, sincerity, righteousness. With such disgusting figures as "representatives of the law", the legal system degenerates into a laughing stock. Equal rights for all, a cornerstone of any functioning society, are mocked here. Such figures do not belong in a public office, but in a prison. They broke their oath to honor, uphold, and defend the law.
  2. With the international recognition of vaccination certificates from Thailand there are already problems with their mixing of different vaccines. If the vaccine doses are reduced now, further problems are bound to arise. Hopefully there will be no revocation of Thai vaccination certificates at international level.
  3. Don't worry, Dr Wichai. I always invest my money where I have 100% control over it. The returns from my apartment buildings in my home country provide enough money that I can live here very comfortably. I save myself all the stress of having to deal with the authorities here. From my own experience I can say that property in Thailand is more headache than joy. After 25 years in Thailand, I can safely say that my next big investments will definitely not be in Thailand. Have a nice day.
  4. Basically nothing new. Condos 49% and 40 million max 1 rai. Where are the changes now? I can't find anything specific in the original posting. Except about a lot of talk about big money and tax revenues.
  5. Alcohol disinfects and makes it harder for the virus to lodge in the throat. The whole alcohol ban can be most likely counterproductive. For example, the immunologist Beda Stadler said: It is correct that alcohol breaks viruses. After all, alcohol has been known for many years as a recipe for a natural disinfectant. Another advantage: "If you have a cough and the viruses in the mucus wash down the esophagus, fewer viruses can get into the lungs." But even if, according to Beda Stadler, one effect cannot be dismissed out of hand: So far, there have been no scientifically sound studi
  6. If you are infected with Corvit, that is not a 100% death sentence. 98.96% survive an infection in Thailand. Worldwide the survival rate is 97.94%. The survival rate in those who are fully vaccinated is even higher. Thailand should try to adapt its opening policy to the available intensive care bed capacity and stop dragging infected people to hospitals with zero symptoms. Whether a month more or less will make all the difference. In 2020, Thailand had a total of 538,883 deaths. 1 cancer 19% 2 ischemic heart disease 12% 3 stroke 10% 4 lower respiratory tract infections 9%
  7. The government now anticipates this year’s annual per-capita income to be 232,024 baht. That's just a statistical average value that unfortunately doesn't say much. What the distribution looks like within the income pyramid would be much more telling. According to Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report 2018, the richest 1 percent in Thailand controlled almost 67 percent of the country's wealth. The bottom 50 percent of Thais had a meager 1.7 percent of the country's wealth. Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, Thailand was one of the most unequa
  8. So what if an older man marries a bar girl and takes care of her and her family? Suddenly the sex tourist becomes a husband. Most of the bar girls are abandoned mothers by their Thai husbands. Thai hierarchy? Ridiculous. These Thai women don't have a chance in the Thai hierarchy. Your image of people is ugly. The protection of marriage and the family is anchored in almost every country in the world. Just not in Thailand if the husband is a foreigner. Funny, when Thai men marry foreign girls, a lot of these xenophobic rules don't apply.
  9. Normally, in a global pandemic, a health minister would have to stand in the front row, have the reins firmly in hand, be the control point for all coordination and activities, is fully up to date in the subject of specialist medicine and research, proactively develop plans, properly inform the population and guide the country with clear measures through the crisis. If you read the original press release and his "i know nothing" answers to important questions, you get the feeling that Anutin did not understand his job as health minister at all.
  10. 20 Years a go? Snail's pace. Does that even make sense? Wouldn't the case already be statute-barred?
  11. I can't understand the whole thing at all. Immigration collects data like crazy. Name, address, telephone numbers, emails, husband's name, business address, etc. The widow wasn't on the run and was hiding. The fact that immigration takes 11 years to discover an overstay does not throw a good light on the organization. Normally, their IT system should be able to deliver a list of overstayers at the push of a button. It would still be good customer-friendly services if the immigration department informed about the overstay in a timely manner. There are definitely reasons why people get into over
  12. It is always bad when control bodies, which should actually be independent, do not work properly. When control bodies are only receiving orders from the people they are supposed to control independently. So there will be definitely no transparency and trust.
  13. Good setting. Freedom. But when you have family, children, house and business here, it's not that easy. But we are also planning to move to Europe in the next 1.5 years when the children start studying. Then probably around 6 months in Thailand in winter and 6 months traveling in Europe in summer.
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