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  1. Look at your paper certificate. There is your 13 digt number writen on it.
  2. That is exactly the system. This qr code will link you to the database from Thai health authority from every place in the world.
  3. Is not so much different. All data is only in english. I read my international certificate QR with an QR Reader. That's what everybody can see. The data is structured in such a way that it can be transferred to other databases.
  4. This number you will find on your vaccination paper.
  5. The QR is good for international travel. The QR code is read with a QR code reader and displays the data in English. Easier to enter some countries, or to be admitted to restaurants or public events.
  6. No. That is 100% the international Certificate. The local certificate is different tap in mor prom.
  7. In practice it is impossible. Germany has 9 neighboring states and almost all national borders are open due to EU membership. The only thing that can be better controlled are the airports, but such a virus also slips through there.
  8. The message is partially incorrect. As a vaccinated person, the PCR test is also omitted, unless the airline requires one. People who are vaccinated with Sinovac are considered unvaccinated and must have a PCR test. The quarantine requirement is completely eliminated for non-risk areas. Good news for all people coming back from Thailand.
  9. Very good analysis. That's exactly what I'm afraid of. A few of the super vips with the corresponding connections greedily stuff the money into their own throats. The Thai people will go empty-handed.
  10. That would be a great idea. Then the foreigner stands casually in the casino with his mobile phone and takes the stakes and orders over the phone from the Thais, who are not allowed to come in. Also a good idea for the promotion of tourism. But if the profit is not guaranteed to be distributed fairly among the Thai population (money for schools, hospitals, poverty pensioners, etc.) I am against it.
  11. 30 pts: driving on an expired, suspended or confiscated licence. What logic. If you don't have a driving license or have been withdrawn, you can continue to collect points as if you still had a driving license. 555 Apparently you can also overdraw your account like at a bank.
  12. 20 pts: taking intoxicating substances while driving. 30 pts: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Where is the difference?
  13. He is innocent. Just like all the other politicians and officials who have come to inexplicable wealth. It is tragic that 95% of Thais do not even notice that they are being fooled.
  14. 10,000 baht per case? The entire state budget would be used up within 7 days. It's a scam. In reality there is probably only one raffle.
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