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  1. Hi MollyGP, Are the email addresses you're using @outlook.com by any chance? I tried multiple @outlook.com accounts but they all did the same thing, so I then tried my dad's @blueyonder.co.uk email address and it worked first time. I think it might have something to do with a feature of Outlook called 'Safe links', where links sent in email addresses are modified to stop malware and ransomware. However I disabled that feature and tried again but the same result when clicking the 'verify account' link. Have you got another email provider you could
  2. Hi everyone, So I'm trying to register for an E-Visa account through the MFA website but having an issue. I have registered my details, email etc and I receive a link to click on and verify my account, yet every time I click the link (and I've requested multiple re-sends of the verification link) I get the following message in a red box on the login page: The email verification link has not valid. If you typed in the address manually, please check to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Has anyone else had this and managed to sort it out?
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