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  1. Also for the last 10 years, the younger generation have been selling off there inheritance from grandma and granddad, and spunking all the money. on pick ups, parties, phones, holidays. and so on, now they have no land to build a home on, so have joined the ranks of renters for ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what does it matter if Falangs can own land, or should it just be a few large companies and rich Thais having it all. Thailand sold it's self down the river years ago. Rich will only get richer in Thailand, with there Chinese mates standing behind the captain of the ship.
  2. Was hard a typo ? Or Same Same but different. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  3. Can you not sell before 67 ? and still get pension ? Sorry just noticed your already over 60, maybe not worth the hassle. Good luck what ever you do.
  4. Very true. But can retire, but don't burn the bridges doing it. leave the door wide open, Thailand can not be trusted.
  5. You need a hobby or two. not just birds and booze. I started to learn guitar again. got a nice mid range collection of them now. Strat, Gretsch, Ibanez, Yamaha, Guild, electric and acoustic. ( annoys the misses when i drop 20-25k baht on one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! had to buy her an I Phone 12 after last one !!!!!!!!!!!!!, she weren't going to let it rest . Can play smoke on the water with two strings now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 14-7-2014. Spat dummy out, in Singapore, told office to !!!!!!!! off, i'm done. i'm taking the early retirement package. bye . never looked back. 14 million baht, buy one more property property and rent it out in oz. don't go all in with your dosh in Thailand, keep an escape plan ready. if ever needed. Renting out property is no big deal, just be prepared to throw some money at it all from time to time, and remain calm !!!!!!!!!!!!, use a good letting agent. tax return, get someone to do it for you, whats hard about that, ( i do me own for uk )
  7. I believe what ever government in Thailand says Past, present and future. Will be great to grow tomatoes in. Farangs have never been wanted. or valued. only there money has. Watch out for the sting in the tail, on there scams.
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