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  1. requirements are out. 46 countries on the list. Found attached pic with the requirements on the Facebook site of the Thai government. One night reservation at SHA+ or AQ hotel is required for fully vaccinated people from these countries
  2. completely untrue! My Thai wife MUST have a travel health insurance, when she applies for a Shengen Visa! No Thai will get a Shengen Visa without a health insurance THAT MUST BE BOUGHT FROM AN EU-ACCEPTED INSURANCE COMPANY! And that is a requirement that obviously works both ways and it is not wrong. Thai government agencies just make it more complicated than it has to be.
  3. Your problem would not be the insurance, but the loss of the non-O visa... you left the country and got stamped out with a re-entry permit. You enter the country with another passport on a visa exempt, therefore you do not have a re-entry stamp on your non-O visa and therefore, this visa is not valid. You will save few bucks on the insurance, but lose your visa.
  4. Clear as mud as always, when they issue new regulations... - what about the previous 100K and specifically mention of Covid inclusion? - what about the in-country PCR test within 24 hours? Can tourists do it themselves? - what about the "must be contactable", i.e. the 1-day quarantine? - where to find the list of countries and how many times per day will they change it?
  5. About one hour ago, the Thai Government posted in Facebook about the COE/ASQ/PCR requirement for unvaccinated foreigners. This has not changed from the past and is unlikely to change in the near (6-9 months) future.
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