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  1. I wonder if any of us applied to the Tax Office to change tax number to ID card number (as is the case with Thais) after obtaining PR? I didn't, and my employer at the time didn't. Nobody seemed to care. As a result of that, I can't get my annual tax refund paid via Promptpay. Also, the Tax Office send mail to my current address rather than my landlady's address, which is convenient. I haven't had any mail to my tabien baan address in the 15 years I've had PR. Similarly, nobody informed Social Security of my new PR status and ID number, so (I am now retired) I applied for the Covid
  2. Wow. When I was added to my landlady's tabien baan I had to go myself with her and an additional "witness" and the process took close to an hour. Many of the questions asked (blood group, parents given names, father's nationality, etc) nobody but me would know. But the district officer did seem to be a fanatic for detail. Very generous of your driver to do that for you. I would love to know the rules for adding people to a tabien baan. Upcountry farms often seem to have dozens of people on the tabien baan whereas I've heard of applications in Bangkok being turned down because the r
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