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  1. I was told the same thing about refunds, but they also told me after I pay and get receipt and queue number i can give to someone else. You just need to find someone who wants 2 doses of moderna and sell it to them. The reason i declined was they told me it probably would not be here until end of the year and maybe even Jan 2022
  2. (TCC) Sanan Angubolkul Is the one that told the BP that 25 vac centers in Bangkok will be closed until they receive more vaccines. Also read this in the Chiang Mai news today. Both articles came out 4 hours ago. Someone is not telling the truth. Think I would trust the BP on this one
  3. I would not be surprised if they sent most of them to where they are trying to open other Sandboxes .
  4. I stand corrected. Its in the BP also that they had to close 25 vac centers. This is not fake news unless you think BP post fake news.
  5. I also read this in the Chiang mai News, Thought they were diverting most of vaccines to Bangkok but this story from the BP confirms they are out of vaccines. The post that said this was fake news has disappeared
  6. This site, but to be fair. This site just quotes from what the many government officials tell them. Most of the time contradicting each other.
  7. From what I have read it is a very good vaccine.
  8. Good question, and the article also said 30 million Pfizer at end of the year. I thought it was 20 million . Did they order another 10 million Pfizer? The 10 million this month should be 6 mil AZ and 4 mil Sinovac. Also how will they vaccinate 30 mil in August with 10 million doses? I think the health minister said this the other day. Interesting
  9. LOL I was getting ready to post that link. Maybe they shifted most of the vaccines to BKK so vaccine centers won't close in Bangkok., but in the process its closed down other Vac centers in the country . Who was it in the government that said they had enough jabs to vaccinate the whole country ?
  10. The US government proved their loyalty to us by not sending vaccines to ALL Americans (9 million) living and working in other countries , but I do have many family members asking me when i am coming home
  11. Sad to see no social safety net for this country. They cant even pay for vaccines , but they can buy Submarines from China
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