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  1. Obviously you aren't living in this part of Thailand, where an alarming large proportion of males are totally useless. Hence the equally large proportion of "Mia Farangs". And sadly, some of these "Mia Farangs" are lacking morals just as their male counterpart, hence the annoying prevalence of "Thai geeks". In Issan one can observe some of the best, as well as the worst of Humanity.
  2. I voted "good start", but read it as "misunderstanding". And I'll go to Bangkok early next month, for long overdue visits to Bumrungrad and my embassy. In a nutshell, I won't wait for any further reopening as thing might well get worse again.
  3. They'll be back at first, but progressively taken over by the Buffalo mamas. So they'll die of old age once most of the young talent will have made their move to the Internet. I'll miss them though..
  4. Interesting thought though. Some nationalities would be "safer". Interestingly the choice of the 4 countries involved in the initial "reopening" isn't based on their current infection and vaccination rates. Italy and France are doing better now than UK and US. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  5. The dummy has just forgotten one minor aspect, how can you travel to and within Thailand with kids under 12? This is my situation, while I am living in Thailand and fully vaccinated (Janssen + Moderna) I can't even consider domestic travel with my two girls, 6 and 10 years old. Otherwise his statement is rather reasonable. The one day quarantine is a must as otherwise people would have to wait for their results at the airport. The reorientation of Thai tourism away from sex, alcohol and drugs would be a legitimate move too and there will be enough Chinese and Indians..
  6. Well, hope I am not too pedantic, but a fundamental axiom of Thainess is [rich ≣ respectable].
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