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  1. According to the Czar its 87 days but that could just turn out to be until the retraction
  2. No worries I will be there Thursday touch wood spending big and looking to buy some sand for my private box by the sound of it
  3. Someone mention war and 10,000 generals will turn up in A+E
  4. Half the country must stand up when someone shouts minister and no mention of the ministry of ministers is suspicious
  5. Suspect the scam was helped by the fact that the booking was actually free and completely out of character to the norm
  6. Following outlandish claims coming from the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the government about opening Thailand up to foreign tourism again and how much tourists will spend, comes a much more sober and sombre outlook. They will all be in court for spreading fake news along with the PM with his 120 day reopening plan then
  7. Was specifically asking about FCD account and using a different branch and province
  8. One may wonder if the now little talked about Czar's 120 day reopening plan was still a goer with 89 days left or was it fake or pie in the sky wishful thinking news hard to differentiate
  9. Light dawns on marble head the PM realises banning alcohol and making people laydown on cardboard beds in not enough to stop covid after a year of trying it
  10. No idea but I would call it a long gone yellow flat back by now
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