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  1. Do you work for free, or did you? Profits (or taxes on profits) is what gave you money to live on. Better would be to supply test kits to pharmacies with fixed price that includes some profit. The distribution network already exists. Compare the choke hold gov has had on vaccine distribution here... some say for under the counter payoffs... and getting vaccine to public was a matter of "public health emergency". The USA has gone the route of using pharmacies and health outlets. If I were back in US, I could walk to nearby Walgreen's and have my choice of J&J, Pfizer or Moderna... no c
  2. "The fact that the US has been chased out of Vietnam and Afghanistan is something that one day might find an explanation in the history books (and those are written by: exactly...), but the mighty military forces haven't seen anything yet that even remotely compares to what China, and possibly brother-in-arms Russia, can throw into the game. The remarkable thing is, however, that China didn't go all-out serious until the US & lapdogs started economic war and arms build-up against them." USSR (Russia) got thrown out of Afghanistan, in case you missed that one & they were "all in" o
  3. I figure so many shirts, souvenirs, signs, stationary.... you name it.... already made for 2020. Huge expense to do all over again. If people get confused as to which year it is, they could always look on their smart phone....
  4. "...retails antigen test kits at 40 baht per unit, which is well below the market price,..." another fine example of government screwing up free markets; in this case pharmacies. How is it possible to sell below market price? Oh, tax payer makes up the difference.... which also cuts income to pharmacies as who would buy from them who have to pay real costs for items and taxes on earnings. Fortunately only 8 stores doing this harebrained scheme. Reminds of some years ago when gov decided to compete with street food vendors, undercutting prices and putting these small busines
  5. Thai musicians have been economically devastated by shut downs of concerts and bars. The 200 million baht would be better spent on local bands playing local free outdoor concerts (not extravaganzas, just community get togethers). Get the bands back to work, bring communities together for some fun. This blowing 200 mill on 2 performers seems "unwise" and only benefits a few in 2 locations... but then again TIT
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