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  1. You could post with more brevity by eliminating the part from "who" to "issue".
  2. I believe that to protect the herd, you put the cattle in squeeze cages and drench them or inject them with the vaccines needed to protect both them and the other cattle from the known dangerous diseases that are killing them. I'm okay with that for other outbreaks when the herd members are already showing signs of mental deterioration similar to "Mad Cow" disease that prevents them from understanding the importance. It's the same reason you were vaccinated when you were young. I also note that there is a Venn diagram that shows people who don't believe the COVID-19 vaccines were needed or efficacious and the people who have zero problems with taking complete body autonomy from women when it comes to their pregnancies. That Venn diagram is a circle.
  3. It may damage the population in the future although despite hundreds of millions of vaccines being given to a very diverse set of populations there haven't been any evidence of such occurrence. What IS known is that there were, in the USA, over one million excess deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not under dispute and the evidence is overwhelming. And it's likely grossly under-estimated as well. https://www.bu.edu/sph/news/articles/2024/new-analysis-reveals-many-excess-deaths-attributed-to-natural-causes-are-actually-uncounted-covid-19-deaths/ What is also understood is that the poor leadership of President Trump with the disinformation, promotion of quackery and refusal to fund the mitigation efforts when needed, that there were likely 40% of those deaths that DIDN'T NEED TO OCCUR! That individual directly contributed to the deaths of approximately 500,000 Americans or more. That the same group of people who have no issues screaming in women's faces that "abortion is murder" also slavishly worship the man who directly caused the deaths of so many of their compatriots, but specifically among those, their fellow travelers, is something that future generations will look upon with astonishment. SAD! https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/trumps-policy-failures-have-exacted-a-heavy-toll-on-public-health1/ https://www.npr.org/2023/07/25/1189939229/covid-deaths-democrats-republicans-gap-study
  4. Well, as a seeker of truth and justice you already know what to do! Time for you to pack up your beach clothes and send 'em off to Goodwill, won't be needing those in Vladivostok! Be a true man showing the courage of your convictions and get thee to Mother Russia's warm embrace. I'm sure you'll find it exactly to your liking, very religious and anti-woke beyond compare, very limited diversity of people and certainly of opinion.
  5. So what if the research was pretty much unanimous - easier access to birth control and abortion means LESS ABORTIONS NOT MORE!!!!! So in fact, those like yourself who support restricting the rights of women who are specifically supporting the abortion/unsafe abortion of MORE FOETUSES! YOU ARE THE MURDERER! Except of course that you didn't kill anything, you just aborted the foetus before it became viable. https://www.guttmacher.org/fact-sheet/induced-abortion-worldwide
  6. Except that the opposite is happening. In fact, the blowback from the vicious anti-abortion legislation is already causing shortage of health care staff in Red states.
  7. Oh, you know where I am? And it's the USA? At least you're consistent - consistently wrong and by quite a lot. Sorry Elmer, I live in Laos. Used to live in Cambodia (I also speak Khmer, so I look forward to hearing about the wealth and breadth of your knowledge based on whoring your way around Cambodia). That you see this as a badge of honor tells us more than you think about your character and understanding. At least there's a sound reason why you're a fan of Diaper Donnie, you're one of the few who share his predilections. Sadly, for you anyway, you don't even have a pitiful fraction of his wealth hence you're reduced to playing a cartoon character on ASEAN Now.
  8. Your posting can't help but remind me of another historical figure - Elmer J. Fudd. Let me guess - "I own a mansion and a yacht!"
  9. Again, I defer to your experience and expertise in this matter, having been happily and exclusively married for almost three decades to the same woman (no, she's not Thai).
  10. That was a pretty specific example of what he can do, why would he bother to make it up when he can simply reach into his memories and speak from genuine experience? And we already have numerous examples of women corroborating that he does this. This would be what you would normally call an "open and shut case", but you're again allowing yourself to invent different and special circumstances for the perp. And make no mistake, that's all this grifter is at this point.
  11. He'd have rather been drawn and quartered. For a narcissist to admit that they've got a small member would be a far greater humiliation than going to jail for sexual assault.
  12. Sounds like you speak from experience. Seems the details are what caused most of the strife then?
  13. So you don't give credence to the numerous examples of Trump sexually assaulting women, bragging about "grab them by the <kitty>. You can do anything", the "catch and kill" scheme for Stormy and Karen McDougal that the Publisher of the National Enquirer has already testified to in court under oath, the E. Jean Carroll civil trial where it is no longer even allowed for Trump to testify that he didn't sexually assault her because it's now a matter of record within the courts...let's face it, you wouldn't accept the reality of Diaper Donnie being a sexual predator if he was in the middle of your living room doing it to your wife.
  14. You expect there to be evidence from a third party to a two-party horizontal tango? But I reckon there would be hotel rooms being booked by said person, evidence that they were in the same town at the same time etc. So we'll just wait for the devastating evidence to be presented by the Trump Defense lawyers to disprove it. After all, he can easily disprove these intimate details, right?
  15. You never asked. And it doesn't make the slightest difference what I think about it since I'm not one, that's up to the individual. How can I know what's going on in their head? Plus, when one debates enough online there's a distinct desire to really NOT know what's going on in other people's heads. What they're comfortable sharing is more than enough to make me despair for the limited time the human race has remaining.
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