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  1. The same "woke idiots" who believed that Biden was going to win in 2020?
  2. It doesn't need a Mr. Know it all to see why this comment of yours is personal. "How about sticking with your own countries politics instead of putting your nose where it doesn’t belong." In fact even a Mr. Know Very Little should be able to see why. I'll try to keep the explanation short and sweet for you. Borders have nothing to do with one's knowledge or ignorance. Chomper Higgot's nationality is utterly irrelevant. Attacking him for that rather than for his statements is blatantly personal. Sad you don't seem to understand that.
  3. I have no doubt that you wouldn't. The question is whether you have any rational justifications for that stance. So far, you have offered nothing but a misleadingly truncated quote and borrowed insults. Which suggests that in the way of rational support for your position, you've got nothing
  4. Now you've descended into irrationality and borrowed insults. An understandable, if pitiable, reaction to having your blatant dishonesty exposed. Here is your excerpted quote "Anyone like you" And here it is in its entirety. "Anyone like you who believes that prognostications about political outcomes can be factual must either believe in time travel or the infallibility of crystal balls. Any source that asserts such an outcome is a future fact is inherently not credible. Making a prediction is inherently a matter of opinion."
  5. I don't think it's valid to go after someone's opinions based on where they live or hail from. Knowledge and ignorance are not bounded by borders. That said, I'm surprised that someone who has made so much of their Britishness and their believe that it automatically confers some kind of special superiority in discussion of that nation's politics, would so openly expose his ignorance of the American political scene. Here are 2 names for you to contemplate: Gretchen Whitmer, the popular Democratic governor of the swing state of Michigan. Josh Shapiro, the popular Democratic governor of the swing state of Pennsylvania.
  6. More falsehoods from you: Does an Image Show Ocasio-Cortez Fake-Crying at a Migrant Camp? A picture taken in 2018 captured Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, before she was elected to the U.S. House, protesting a migrant-detention camp in Texas. "But the claim that got the most attention, pushed by viral conspiracy and junk news websites, made unfounded accusations that the photographs of Ocasio-Cortez were fake and that she was actually crying over an empty parking lot. Russian state media outlet RT and ZeroHedge were among junk news sites taking a cue from Alex Jones' InfoWars network in that regard. The latter posted an unfounded story on June 24, 2019, that posited the "empty parking lot" conspiracy theory." https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/aoc-empty-parking-lot/
  7. The post was typically one sided. A one sidedness that exposes the credulity of its author.
  8. Thanks for the support. In both cases they cite the Israeli attack on the consulate as being a provocation.
  9. How could they be so blind? It's like someone who ignores the fact that the US has repeatedly reproached Israel for obstructing delivery of aid to the Palestinians in Gaza. Like someone who doesn't challenge the IDF and Cogat when it comes to this issue. I know, I know. I'm creating a fictional character. Nobody could be that naive.
  10. And you still haven't addressed the fact that Israel attacked Iran's consulate. You must believe that the Israeli government is very naive not to believe that this would have invited a counterstrike from Iran.
  11. Well, we should all be grateful to Trump supporters like Carol Swain. Instead of donating that money to his campaign where it might materially help him, they chose to incinerate it instead.
  12. G_Money's comment was just another airheaded attempt to make it personal.
  13. Apparently, you're only interested enough to make irrelevant comments but not interested enough to engage with the actual issue.
  14. What you don't seem to understand the role of the upside potential of a stock plays. Given the price of the stock on the first day, and the fact that its model was already failing with exiguous income and lowered engagement, why would any rational person buy and hold on that stock.? Did you know that for all of 2023, Truth Social earned only about 50% more revenue than an average McDonald's? How Much McDonald's Franchise Owners Really Make Per Year "According to Business Insider, the average McDonald's restaurant takes in around $2.7 million a year in sales." https://www.mashed.com/178309/how-much-mcdonalds-franchise-owners-really-make-per-year/ But then, McDonald's doesn't stuff their offerings with BS.
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