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  1. Are you sure that wasn't cobalt mining in the DRC?
  2. No I don't know the answer. Why did you single out rural areas relatively safe from the new variant?
  3. https://www.macrotrends.net/countries/WLD/world/death-rate
  4. Why single out rural areas? Delta is prevalent all over Thailand. If Omicron proves to be more transmissible and a lot more resistant to vaccination then why wouldn't it pose a threat to rural areas?
  5. What don't you understand about the fact that the subject of this thread is: Nearly Eight In Ten Believe Or Are Unsure About At Least One Common Falsehood About COVID-19 Or The Vaccine Why do you think it's irrelevant to delve into the reasons why these falsehoods are so commonly believed? And it's not like there no track record of your political beliefs in the various forums here.
  6. Well, focusing on changing people's minds rather than on the political issue is one way to evade dealing with the facts I've presented.
  7. Since your such a fan of informal polling, what's your take on where opponents of vaccination or strong public health measures to get people vaccinated are coming from politically? The answer is obvious but who knows, you may deny the correlation there, too.
  8. There isn't much pointing of fingers at the left by right wingers. That's because most of the opponents of vaccinations or deniers of the seriousness of the pandemic are actually right wing. To ignore that factor is just another instance of willful blindness.
  9. That is certainly true where the political right wing has embraced ant--vaccination and other public health policies. It's also obvious that right-wing media's undermining of vaccinations and other public health measures is having an effect. Of course, there are many countries where politics play little role in the debate. The citizens of those nations are far more likely to hold a favorable view of vaccinations.
  10. Anyone who doubts that the political right has been pushing false narratives about vaccinations and the seriousness of the covid pandemic is being willfully blind. As I specifically noted, Covid denialism isn't everywhere a political phenomenon, But where it is, it almost exclusively comes from the right wing. I have provided plenty of evidence for that. Evidence which you have largely ignored. Projecting much? Anyone who claims that Qanon is getting significant support from the left needs to do some serious rethinking. Poland’s vaccine skeptics create a political headache The
  11. Please. Some of your previous posting clearly establish where you stand politically. Another instance of concern trolling. In this case you pretend to adopt a stance of political neutrality. It's clear from your comments here that you mostly subscribe to the lunacy that is largely promoted by right wing sources. 1) Excess mortality figures show that overwhelmingly deaths from covid have consistently been understated,not exaggerated as you claim. 2)COVID raises risk of stillbirth, new research finds. What to know about vaccines during pregnancy "Now, research is sho
  12. Yes, there is a residual mistrust of in eastern Germany. And the AFD exploited that mistrust and turned it into a political movement. It's absurd to say that people's attitudes about government aren't political. And utterly blind to maintain that the AFD by exploiting those sentiments hasn't made the anti-vax movement stronger. As for the person from Germany "who knows Germany far better than we will", he just recently compared German govt. pressure to get vaccinated to the Nazi concentration camp program...There are millions of Germans who know understand Germany better than we will, do the
  13. Really? The subject is vaccines? That's odd. I thought the subject was Nearly Eight In Ten Believe Or Are Unsure About At Least One Common Falsehood About COVID-19 Or The Vaccine Ya think, maybe, just possible, false narratives from the right wing media and right wing politicians might have something to do with that?
  14. Which is why the current potus managed to push through a huge infrastructure bill while the previous one, with larger majorities in the Senate and House, couldn't even manage to send a coherent infrastructure package over to the legislative branch.
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