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  1. No just a cheap used car to get around while I'm away.
  2. The handbook says 95 and above. It is the 1.5 L not 1.3 L model. So I need to find someone who can tune the ECU beast?
  3. My thoughts as well. So I bought the sparkplugs and then found out the plugs are at the back of the engine. So you have to take the wipers and shroud etc off before you can get to the ignition coils on top of the plugs. As the engine hasn't missed or stopped since I changed the fuel I think I'll leave well alone at the moment. I just think it's strange that the petrol made so much difference.
  4. Thanks, not getting my notifications. I got the ECU fault code check and they said there were no fault codes in memory.
  5. I'm outside Thailand at the moment getting some own bodywork welded. I bought a cheap Honda Jazz/Fit to get around. 1.5 L 2002 model with no problems (so I was told). Went great the 200km home then a few days later after a service the engine started cutting out and sometimes stopping. Very irregularly; happen one day then not for a few days then 10 times in a row. Very intermittent. So (short story) I replaced a few engine relays, the exhaust gas valve,then took it to an auto electrician who put a fault code monitor in it, but there were no stored codes. So I ended up emailing t
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