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  1. Actually, it’s because Thailand, the US, and most other countries are parties to UN anti-drug treaties. Even in the US, they won’t legalize at the federal level because they would have to ignore those treaties and the second they do that, any country that is an exporter of drugs calls them out for being a hypocrite and just starts shipping heroin, meth, cocaine, etc and tells the US to pound sand if they complain. BTW, if you’re asking how the US gets away with it, the individual states didn’t sign those agreements. The federal government did. So, if California quits enforcing cannabis laws, and the federal government keeps it illegal but looks the other way, they’re still, technically, in compliance. Back when Thailand first said they were legalizing cannabis in 2018, they explicitly said they will not violate those agreements. They don’t want meth from Myanmar flooding the local market because they’re seen as violating these agreements. So they say they’re legalizing “medicinal use” but they let everyone self-diagnose. That technically complies with those agreements while effectively legalizing recreational use. It should also be noted that when Thailand first announced legalizing cannabis, they also declared that they refuse to recognize patents on strains of cannabis for 5 years. That’s because Thailand feels slighted that they did what the US pressured them to do under Nixon and now the US is making huge advancements in growing and medical research while Thailand is treating cannabis as a Category 5 narcotic. Thailand feels like it should be the leader because cannabis has been a part of Thai culture for several hundred years until Nixon’s war on drugs forced Thailand to crack down on drugs. Yes, there are ultra-conservative elements in Thailand that would like to see everything from tobacco to cannabis made illegal but they’re an insignificant minority. if you look at everything Thailand has said and done, it’s 100% clear that they are trying to adhere to their international agreements while also making it clear that they won’t be cheated out of becoming a major player in this huge market.
  2. Maybe they’re hoping that people have a basic reading comprehension level. The law itself is very clear. All parts of the cannabis plant are no longer considered a Category 5 narcotic. The only thing that was left as a Category 5 narcotic is cannabis extracts with a THC content of greater than 0.2%. Everyone is looking for a gotcha and there is none.
  3. I thought the law was that the IDP is valid in Thailand for the normal length of stay that you were permitted when you entered the country. If you enter on a ME non-O, that’s 90-days. If you enter on a ME tourist visa, that’s 60-days. If you arrive visa exempt, that’s 30-days. So, the IDP may be valid for a year, but it’s only valid in Thailand for the duration of your stay based on what they originally stamped in your passport. Visa extensions don’t extend how long the IDP remains valid for driving in Thailand. That was always my understanding.
  4. Why wouldn’t she just inform the airline she’s flying with?
  5. Unfortunately, almost every crypto project is either a complete scam or in order to replicate what banks do in a way that would make them competitive with existing banks, they basically create a centralized service which just means an unregulated bank. And crypto doesn’t solve fractional reserve banking. Even most crypto enthusiasts shrug their shoulders when you ask if they really believe Tether is backed 1:1 with USD deposits.
  6. I also don’t understand OP’s logic. If someone is staying in Patong or Rawai, why would you rent near the airport? If he has any problems with the bike, the rental place will be over an hour drive away. Rent in Rawai or Patong near where you’re staying and if anything happens the rental place is nearby. Also, unless OP is an experienced rider, there are a few spots that I would consider above beginner. Especially the road coming out of Patong to the East or the stretch between Kata and Rawai if you’re taking the road on the West coast through the mountains.
  7. I love this follow up article by Phuket News where they confront the taxi driver and he claims the passengers insulted him and that 600 baht is a normal fare. https://www.thephuketnews.com/i-am-not-a-cheat-says-phuket-taxi-driver-82918.php Especially the part where Phuket News basically calls the guy a liar. Mr Jesada continued his defence, deflecting the key issue by focussing on the claim that he had raised his middle finger at Mr Phol’s girlfriend. Mr Jesada claimed he never did this. he said that he only pointed his finger in mr Phol’s face. “You can see the evidence from the clip,” he said. “I didn’t even turn to look at the woman because I assumed that she is her mother’s gender," he said. What can be plainly seen in the video clips posted on TikTok is Mr Jetsada scolding Mr Phol’s girlfriend at close range shouting loudly and waving and pointing his finger close to her face while she recorded the incident on her phone.
  8. I came to say the same thing. I literally just got done reading the news story and this was the very next thing I read. So some Thai guy gets into an argument with a Phuket taxi driver, it’s all over social media, including a video of the argument, as well as being all over Thai English language media and some dude shows up here, not to post links to the actual story but to give some vague description of something that happened to his buddy that exactly matches the case that’s all over the news?
  9. Why are you posting this again?
  10. The author of the linked article obviously has no idea that TAT’s only purpose is to propose spectacularly stupid objectives and issue outlandish predictions. They have nothing to do with taxes, crypto, or anything else other than marketing slogans.
  11. digibum

    Airport taxi

    The correct price is whatever they say it is ????
  12. The nightclub is undergoing renovations. Was at Ding’s last night.
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