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  1. "Price is not negotiable. Please do not offer a different selling price, an exchange, or any other proposal"....... have you thought of a career in marketing ? ?
  2. some people are easily pleased .... Please look away now for fear of upsetting yourself - pix of the new ADV 350's adjustable USD Showa front forks and adjustable Showa rear gas shocks /// i'm picky too ///
  3. That's how it is with forums - you have to take the rough with the smooth .. Many would call it "banter" .
  4. A lot more info / spec here: https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/2022-honda-adv350/
  5. let's hope the Bee'm don't break down on the way to the Honda dealers .....
  6. just a confused Forza 350 buyer taking it out on me .... i gues he can always p/x it for a new ADV 350 - it's only money after all ....
  7. Very true - about the same size as a 70's super bike exhaust ...... 5555
  8. Why don't you start a " fans of aftermarket exhausts" thread ?? - Could become a classic like Poppa's " sit down stand up fall off" thread ..... Just sayin'
  9. It's a valid point Dicky, but the 350 has got it's legs in the cheaper ADV150 camp, not the dearer X 750 camp - i guess it can't be all things to all men .....
  10. Cheers for the post, reminded me i need to pick up some bath tub cleaner on the way home .....
  11. sore looser maybe ?? https://www.honda.co.uk/motorcycles/range/scooter/adv350/overview.html
  12. Can we have a minutes silence, please for all those people who went out and bought Forza 350's - Then spent 20,000 Baht modding the shocks .....
  13. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=921281112118436&ref=sharing
  14. Looks like to days of Poppa racing round on the "mighty Lifan" may be coming to an end .... https://fb.watch/9rYBA14hqw/
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