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  1. 1 transfer is only 1 time money for them , 2 or more times is more money for them ..... could that be the real reason ?
  2. Or the" marry go round mill " in & out again ...... from the 65000 baht income users.... for immigration some (not all) are doing ? Solving also so the problems about the transfer code as foreign transfer who seems to be a problem for some , as many could go different transferring option ?
  3. Before when Thailand restricted transfers OUT of Thailand all reactions here where like Thailand go bankrupt ...., now it is in reverse mode restrictions OUT of U.K. ..... no remarks in that direction
  4. If you would have read my last post , there i realized the " apples and oranges ".... it came because most time people is worried to get money OUT of Thailand , now it looks the new trend is getting money OUT of U.K. ..... isn't that not a bitt worrisome ..., ?? BTW getting money out Thailand seems not a problem as i did 2 transactions different day yesterday and before a day for much more than that 49999 baht ...... but OUT of Thailand , but by bank not by just a financial institute
  5. Don't you feel not a little bit lonely there now ?, only on beer on the table and foam on it gone already ..... not a crowd there i would say
  6. No , some just get tired after being long time here by seeing all is declining whiteout no expectations of improving . "Adapting" to that is the Zombie syndrome skills factor ....., congrats you can do that
  7. just use a bank for such sum , i think you can afford the bank fee...... seeing the 3 mil. baht condo price
  8. Would be a problem if they would have chosen the letter XI from Greek alphabet ... (in stead of Omicron ...) ( is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is pronounced [ksi] in Modern Greek,)
  9. as a extra note concerning k+ sending money ,my remarks were for Kasikorn use , might be Wise & others ... are not banks , but financial institutes might be under different restriction rules . Just to clear up possible differences Also i noticed now ..., topic was more for sending TO Thailand , while my answer and experience was about sending money OUT of Thailand , hence make the difference about 49999 Thb against same number in example £'s Me not having experience with U.K. financial regulations .
  10. That's probably the reason why to long time retirees never had one , nor be asked , on top of that staying same address ...., as i also never had the slip or being asked by my 9 extensions .... but being anyway in the system ...
  11. i send yesterday more than that Thb amount in 1 transaction by Kasikorn K+ mobile app to my European bank , arrived same 24 hours in my E.U. bank , the day before that..., another Thb transfer the same way same amount as before , same arrival in 24 hours on my E.U. bank
  12. That 49,999.99 limit per transaction is named in USD value not in baht Global Outward via K PLUS - KASIKORNBANK This site explains the whole K+ procedure
  13. But but .... no need to be 50 year old, and probably no need the 800k to be /stay on Thai bank , might stay on home bank showed when applying for the visa .... treatment can be many ...eg. cosmetic
  14. เจไอบี คอมพิวเตอร์ กรุ๊ป JIB Online แหล่งรวมสินค้าไอที up right corner for English if present might appear in Thai , this link bring you to a pricelist and can click or hoover over a item to see a image of it
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