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  1. My Thai wife and I own property in both our countries. We have been married nearly 20 years, but I am 25 years her senior! We have lived in both countries but after a recent 5 year stint in Thailand, we are now back in New Zealand the last 4+ years. My house in N.Z. is obviously worth more than equivalent Thai property but planning to downsize due to my age,(now 76), we find ourselves pondering how to handle our money and assets. If my wife sold some of her Thai property now, (other than the family home & land), could she take the money out of Thailand to make life more comfortable for us here, travelling locally and overseas while travel insurance is available for me? She has close friends in both countries and family in Thailand, Australia and East Asia. In a few years, after my eventual demise, if she decided to live out her days in LOS, not N.Z. she could bring her money, plus all my legacy money back to LOS plus my money and live very comfortably. What snags, complications or losses would we expect to face doing this?
  2. High blood pressure comes drom all sorts of pleasurable exercize including sexy meetings with old or new friends.
  3. Another volunteer for Vladimir's war on his return to Mother Russia?
  4. And my chips turn out spectacular. I use the partly cooked ones that come Frozen in a bag from the supermarket and they are fantastic every time never a failure.
  5. I agree totally. I just love my air fryer and I'm now on my second one. The first one had a warranty problem and was not available as a replacement so I ended up buying a bigger one. I have two pieces of information advice to offer. Don't buy a small one because they are worse than useless and a lot of things can be cooked and little aluminum foil trays such as takeaways and prepared foods sometimes coming it makes a lot easier cleaning up the air fryer if the machine itself is clean and you're just washing the little aluminum tray box
  6. Sort of like a sample of one. "If it happened to me it must be happening to everybody else."
  7. If they don't have it or don't know where they look for it in the shop, it's "Mai me" ( not have) and a smile. In my local hardware shop the staff basically if they did not know me, and couldn't be bothered dealing with a falang. So they give me the my.me. So I lead them to the product I want and point to it. Yes, oil-based white undercoat a number of times.!!!!!! Then "Aye mark mark" takes over, and occasionally a surly glance for catching them out.
  8. I agree. Ladyboys get a bad rap from the few highly publicised violent and thieving on patio Beach and often doubtful cases of alleged stolen gold chains. As they are viewed by many has been sexually deviant, it is easy for the general public to considerth lady boys are a danger to children. In my limited experience and reading. I consider that the evidence stands that it is fairly rare for ladyboys to pray on children of I the sex. Yes it happens but there's an awful lot of deviant uncles, stepfathers, even brothers, sisters and natural fathers out there.
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