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  1. Take one lawyer all together makes it more powerful and effective. The sooner the better
  2. Same with an iPhone. It's a status Symbol...........their owners think
  3. Of course Not. The owners are to blame not caring for vaccines aso. But......in most cases there is no owner when it comes to difficulties
  4. The small 55" are all similar. If you prefer 65 or bigger I would fancy a 4k full Option.
  5. Hi there, does anybody knows by any chance what a penetration tester's Job will be? I found it on Stepstone and the salary is 57.000 Euro/y. ???
  6. I can see you a bit angry, but it's time to accept Thailand being the center of the world with highly recommended experienced polititians and Scientists. No advices needed. And no need for pesting "I know all better" farangs. ,,,,
  7. Cases and hospitalized cases are not the same. Those are actually falling. And more than 90% are unvaccinated or with preconditions.,,
  8. Don't use Dr.Google but your brain. Don't look for Fake information. You can vote with 16 for municipal elections. !!
  9. Blablabla....read my Post. I'm talking about EU, if you know what this means, not about Timbuktu or similar places. .
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