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  1. You and me both pal! I've had 2 Pfizer shots but how did you manage to get a booster and how long after the two should it be administered?
  2. Post it tracked and signed for with the necessary documentation and a self-addressed stamped envelope. keep the receipt and tracking number and make sure they got it and then wait. If you send it in 15 days before expiry you can expect to wait up to 5 weeks or more after expiry before they eventually post it back. If after 2 months no replay and you know they've got it print the copy of the delivery and taking the receipt go along and ask for a new one as in only 2 more weeks you'll need to do it all over again so you need the receipt to send back again.
  3. Take it to the Police who will be able to do - well, nothing probably! After all if they cannot after 6 years get the on-line 90 day Report working you can bet your last s'tang they aren't going to track down the originator of this scam without some pretty smart outside agency's help. Shame you can't get the Americans tracking it down as they almost certainly have the expertise, or maybe the Japanese or even Koreans but Thais? Highly unlikely! This is probably some of those Russian Mafia sorts from Pattaya who are so clever at this sort of activity.
  4. Out of curiosity I watched maybe a minute of the video posted above before switching it off. 4 undeniably beautiful teen girls all legs and loveliness it's true but then both Thailand and Korea have an abundance of beautiful teenage girls all legs and loveliness so it all rests on the songs. Frankly I suspect any other 4 leggy teenage girls could be coached into prancing about and sing as well so I'm not impressed. In their time we have had some great female singers, Helen Shapiro and others of that period, Abba later on, New Seekers, Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson but Black Pin
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