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  1. Reminds me of Oct 2019 when immigration implemented the 400K/40K medical insurance requirement for OA Visa/Extension folks....but some on the ThaiVisa forum felt sure it would not apply to OA "extensions of stay"...there would be grandfathering, only apply to those getting an OA Visa after 31 Oct 2019, etc. But we all know how that turned out....there was no gandfathering...it did apply to OA extensions and not just OA visas issued after a certain date. Now I hope the upcoming 3M baht change does not apply to extension; only the initial OA visa....but hey, we have went thru this
  2. I agree. There were those in 2019 who said "it wouldn't apply to extensions" but we all know how that turned out.
  3. Give Bangkok bank a try...plenty of paperwork. And I'm sure K bank has paperwork also unless you are Thai and opened an online esavings acct.
  4. The Wise response yesterday after they notified me they had tagged the recipient acct I requested to always use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank. Very similar to their response around 2 years ago when I had another recipient acct tagged. Where they say below "....our team..." they mean their payments sections.
  5. It's Wise. If you want transfers to a Bangkok Bank recipient to receive FTT coding you will need to request Wise "tag" the recipient acct(s) to always use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank. Include a sentence or two of why it's important to you. Send the request by message from within your Wise acct.
  6. Maybe Thai banks should divert resources/manpower from requiring so, so much paperwork (like to open an acct) to transaction security. They can't see the fraudulent transactions because of all the paperwork blocking their view.
  7. If I was a Wise rep I would just answer "self-explanatory" like how the other reasons for transfer are self-explanatory. Then you would have to respond by once again explaining how that reason use to trigger a transfer thru BBK as the partner bank which gave FTT coding but now it don't and it has this impact on me which is probably what people have already been asking. So, a person would be back to asking what they already asked.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if Wise removed the programming that triggered use of Bangkok Bank as the partner bank by selecting Long Stay Thailand in order to improve transfer times from a day or so to only seconds. Maybe it was unintentional...but it could have been intentional to see if any customers noticed or really cared. Or maybe it was removed because new people/programmers at Wise didn't understand why the special coding existed to route the transfer only thru Bangkok Bank and just removed it. I expect speed of transfer...better stats took priority over meeting the needs of a pe
  9. You probably have a corrupted Bangkok Bank browser "cookie." A similar thing happens to me when I access my T-Mobile acct and don't logout properly/closed down the T-mobile page too fast. When I tried to logon again I get a access denied/timed out response....and even if I wait days unless I go into my browser settings and delete the T-Mobile cookie(s) I can't get logged on again. Yea, the T-Mobile online acct webpage can be very temperamental at times. I'm on AIS Fibre and have no problem accessing the Bangkok Bank exchange rate page.
  10. Update on my request for Wise to tag another one of my Bangkok Bank accts. As talked in an earlier post I requested the tagging on 14 Oct/Thursday....on 15 Oct/Friday I got an interim Wise human response basically saying they will forward my request to the their payments section to see if it's possible (of course its possible as I already have one tagged acct from over two years ago)....I sent a follow-up request on 17 Oct/Sunday asking for a tagging status update....today/19 Oct/Tuesday I got a Wise response saying the tagging was done. So, it took 5 days to get the tagging done. A few yea
  11. For testing purposes...to see if selecting the Long Stay Thailand reason for transfer would cause Bangkok Bank to be used as the partner bank to result in FTT coding like the Long Stay Thailand reason "use" to do up to about 2 weeks ago like being talked in the other Asean Now Wise thread. Edit: in the near future I'll do another test with the tagged acct and not choose the Long Stay reason but I feel it will still result in FTT coding.
  12. Wise transfer to one of my "untagged" Bangkok Bank accts this morning...posted in around 6 seconds....K-bank used as the partner bank...no international transfer coding received. Also, a minute later I initiated another transfer to one of my other Bangkok Bank accts which is "tagged" (I.e., to use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank) and it showed the transfer will take approx 7 hours to post...will post this afternoon....and I have no reason to doubt that Bangkok Bank will not be used as the partner bank and I will receive Int'l Transfer/FTT coding. Both transfers funded
  13. That has nothing to do with coding received from a Wise transfer. Yes, that forced some people to start doing monthly transfers from money transfer services like Wise, home country banks, etc., but it has nothing to do with this coding issue. Even if those embassies started issuing such letters again today it would not fix the transfer coding issue....some people would still be needing the int'l coding because they don't use/never used the embassy income letter method. Fixing the coding is a Wise and partner bank issue.
  14. If using the Bt800K method immigration don't care where it came from...inside or outside Thailand. It just needs to have the proper seasoning before applying for an extension. That is, have at least Bt800K 2 months before applying....3 months after approval...can drop down to at least Bt400K for 7 months. Then the cycle repeats.
  15. How long did it take Wise to answer you in saying your acct had been tagged? I sent message from within my Wise acct on 14 Oct/approx 6pm (Thailand time) to have an acct tagged (another kinda new Bangkok Bank acct), got an immediate automated response saying message received.....then on 15 Oct/2am I got response from a human at Wise saying they will contact their payment section to see if tagging is possible and get back to me.....which as of 17 Oct/10am they haven't....but maybe the weekend is slowing down their response. If no response by around Tuesday I will ping them again.
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