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  1. The US medical authorities don't think J&J is a "poor" vaccine...it's just not as good as Pfizer or Moderna. Let's just say the J&J vaccine is an OK vaccine, but not an excellent vaccine in terms of efficacy when compared to Pfizer and Moderna. Heck the US is recommending booster shots for Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J since all three lose some of their effectiveness over time.
  2. Example of tagging when having multiple Bangkok Bank recipients. I have four Bangkok Bank recipients loaded in my Wise acct. I had two of those recipient accts tagged to use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank and the other two Bangkok Bank recipients are not tagged. When I send funds to the two "tagged" accts using whatever reason for transfer they arrive with FTT coding around 2pm same business day or next business day around 2pm. When I send fund to the other two "non-tagged" accts using whatever reason for transfer they typically arrive instantly and w
  3. When your acct is "tagged" what is really being tagged is not your Wise acct but which ever "recipient" account(s) you asked to be tagged. Say you had five recipient accts. When you ask Wise to tag your acct they typically ask you which recipient(s) you want tagged....a specific one, these two, these three, these four, or all of them. Some people may only want a certain recipient tagged or maybe all his recipients. If a person say only had one recipient and asked for their acct to be tagged then Wise might not ask which recipients because you only have one reci
  4. Tagging only works "when sending to a Bangkok Bank acct" with Bangkok Bank being the partner bank used. if not sending to a Bangkok Bank acct (i.e., Kbank, SCB, Krungsri, etc) although Wise will use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank the transfer will "not" receive international transfer coding at the receiving bank.
  5. You are continuing to get FTT coding because your acct is tagged; not because you are using Long Term Stay. Maybe you have test it already/posted about it already in this long thread, but if you send a transfer using any of the other reasons it would get coded at FTT also "since your acct has been tagged to use Bangkok Bank as the partner bank."
  6. How to make USD to USD transfers with Wise like from Wise to a "U.S. bank" such as the Bangkok Bank NY branch. Also talks the multicurrency (a.k.a., borderless) acct in general. https://wise.com/us/blog/make-us-dollar-to-us-dollar-transfer
  7. It was your "multicurrency" acct which Wise use to call its "borderless" acct. Transferwise, excuse me Wise, likes to change the names periodically.
  8. Update to my above post. A $2,100 Bank Debit (ACH) "pull" to top-up your multifunctional acct would cost $3.36. Or do it for free by pushing it from your bank.
  9. - Yes - Not really sure what you are asking. To transfer money to the Bangkok Bank NY branch (i.e., what Wise also refers to as a local transfer....with country transfer) you would have to do that by funding the transfer from your multicurrency acct. And to fund the multicurrency acct funds can be pulled or pushed to the acct. You can push from your bank acct or pull from your bank acct to top-up your multicurrency acct. Just review the Wise website regarding their multicurrency accts.....tons of info. Edit: I just updated above to say you can push "or
  10. Requirements no different than depositing to a bank. Just need to provide the pension paying agency the ACH routing number and acct number issued to you when you open a Wise multicurrency acct. And it more of an "activation" of your multicurrency acct within your Wise acct versus opening a new acct. Opening a new acct can cause visions of providing tons of data, identity verification, etc., like when opening a bank acct. But activating the multicurrency acct is basically Wise doing a $20 pull of funds from one of your bank accts as that somehow satisfies the needs of activati
  11. No....the requirement for restricted Bangkok Bank acct where you have to visit the bank to withdraw money, have a debit card, etc., only applies to "reoccurring ACH U.S. govt payments or private organizations payments via direct deposit" like social security, military retirement, etc. For "direct deposits", like a monthly payment, there is special coding designating it as a Direct Deposit vs an adhoc bank transfer. Since Wise is initiating the payment the funds are not coming from a U.S. govt agency, therefore, they could be sent to a regular (unrestricted) savings acct also.
  12. And for those U.S. folks who want to do a low value test transfer via the Bangkok Bank NY branch, in order to minimize the Bangkok Bank fees for the test recommend you transfers no more than $50 as such an amount will not incur a Bangkok Bank NY branch fee. However, the in-Thailand Bangkok Bank branch fee of 025% (Bt200 min, Bt500 max) will still be applied. For a $50 test transfer that means Bt200 (approx $6) in Bangkok Bank fees...and don't forget the 51 cents Wise fee for such a transfer So a $50 test transfer via Bangkok Bank NY branch would cost approx $6.51 in total fees
  13. For U.S. Folks. Below is an analysis of during a: (1) USD-THB transfer funded by Bank Debit (ACH), (2) a USD-THB transfer funded from your Wise Multicurrency acct, and then (3) a USD-USD transfer to Bangkok Bank New York branch who relays it to your in-Thailand Bangkok Bank branch....see lexillis' post a few up on his "small dollar" test transfer via the NY branch for more background on this method. In the analysis I used a $2,100 amount which comfortably exceeds Bt65K arriving based on current exchange rates/fees. I think you may be surprised how each method faired
  14. The booster doze size varies depending on the vaccine. For Pfizer and J&J a booster dose is the same dosage level as the initial jabs. But for Moderna the booster dose is half dosage level of the initial jabs. https://www.verywellhealth.com/cdc-boosters-moderna-johnson-and-johnson-5206847 The Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson booster will be administered with the same dosage as the initial vaccine, while Moderna’s will be a half dose at 50 mg.
  15. I don't know what questions you asked Wise and how you phrased them, but I think their "Unfortunately.........a SWIFT transfer" statement is probably trying to say "when Wise sends funds using their normal peer-to-peer method" they are really using their own funds in a local acct (like in a Thai bank partner bank acct) to finalize a transfer. But with a SWIFT transfer they are "not" using their normal peer-to-peer transfer network but instead using the SWIFT network.....then money is really starting it's trek in your home country and/or a country other than Thailand and flowing
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