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  1. Given that a convicted drug smuggler, who served time in an Australian prison, is a member of parliament, and is/was a member of cabinet. Do we really think this complaint will go any where?
  2. Given the ship in question had just been recommissioned following a refit the RTN has a lot invested here. I guess the admiral who make the announcement does not realise that treating the vessel like this will void the warrantee on all the shiny new electronics and most other fittings. There were reports of a breached hull in some of the early reports. Might be useful to raise it to determine why it sunk, but another refit???
  3. Hope it works better than the golf toy that they bought a few years ago.
  4. Be interested to see how this goes given the police have buy their own guns. Maybe a rethink of this policy is needed too.
  5. Some very brave pronouncements there. It is a pity that no one takes them seriously and tries to hold the gentleman to his word. He is treated like a comedian, there for entertainment not serious comment.
  6. This is a sure sign that the rains and flooding are complete for the year.
  7. That was surprisingly close, it was a majority of those who voted, just 8 votes short of the number needed. It was only the 50 abstentions that stopped it going forward.
  8. Let me guess. It was the unelected senators and those who choose them that shut down the debate.
  9. It is near the naval base from what I understand. If any navy personnel are injured or dead there will be repercussions, possibly a real investigation.
  10. Iran are not seen as rehabilitated just yet and Russia are creating a new class of pariah for themselves. That might cause some interesting side effects when dealing with the EU to get trading status up-graded. The US will also have an opinion as will a number of trading partners.
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