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  1. You should be able to...but you need to file a TM30 to change your address to a Bangkok residence first....if you are staying in a hotel...likely already done for you..just need a copy in case
  2. You mean in lieu of a ThaiVisa specialist....
  3. A lot depends on how you like to live. Many affordable housing options in Bangkok, but certainly there are some that might crimp your budget. Have you been to Bangkok for any length of time before ? I would always recommend spending a little more of the budget on housing and since you don't drink or smoke much, that should be very achievable. The big killers can be outlays in a relationship....buying into property, if not done with care, has left many expats heading back to council housing and a meager existence in their golden years. Just be careful and you should have more than enough.
  4. Went to Bang Sue on the 25th. No real issues, if you are near enough to go....bring the wife. I'm not sure they are vaccinating under 18s however. Have your wife call and find out.
  5. The staff here clearly not locked in as they walked toward the local shops to buy lunch. Also some live in small rooms just up the soi and headed back there with lunch before their shift starts again.
  6. Actually I learned something interesting yesterday. While in Big-C. Apparently there is no legal prohibition against buying items that are roped off. If you summon a staff member and indicate what you want, they can retrieve it for you and you can then pay for it at the register. I did this with a tea kettle as mine flamed out and I can't live without my morning tea !
  7. In America.. The bullets might not be from the sound system either.
  8. Exactly...when I used to live near the Mall Thaphra, used to meet GF after she got off from work, eat dinner at the mall and enjoy a movie before heading home. A lot better than sitting at home and watching TV...humans need a change of pace...a night out is what it's about...not even the movie or the tech.
  9. Interestingly....a local textile (clothing) factory which was closed from around July 4th thru July 18th, has been open and operating since here in Nonthaburi. So I guess if you have the right connections anything is possible. I was in a taxi heading past there on Saturday at noon and the workers were heading out for their lunch breaks. Central Westgate Mall, which is 2 kilometers away, shuttered like a beach house in a Hurricane (except for Tops supermarket). My guess is the local authorities are the same guys who own the factory ? Also the night market which again was closed from July 4th
  10. I just look forward to post Covid times ...going to book an extended stay in Malaysia for about 2 or 3 months. Spend my time planning that trip now
  11. Roselle is a common tea here...I buy the dried flowers in Big-C to make Nam krachiap all the time. It's actually very healthy as it's high in Vitamin C and also can help lower blood pressure.
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