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  1. Yeah..I was there girl watching just today...and it was fabulous.. BTW there's a halfway decent doner kebab sandwich stall right near the Tops market take away area..give it a try
  2. Your check is in the mail. I hope it arrives before the trucks and their machete weilding drivers find you
  3. Not only that, in many cases they will not even pursue accident invstigations unless paid to do so. GF was hit from behind at a light by moto, she jumped out and snapped a pic of driver, bike and plate # before he sped off. Local police filed report for insurance and told her they would only go after him if she paid them 3000 baht to do so for their trouble !
  4. In Chinatown, it's the water monitors that have the fear of being eaten.....ha ha ha
  5. You can change your total daily limits (and all transaction limits) from the app
  6. The real question is: 'Which country is best for domestic insurance companies preying on foreign retirees ?"
  7. The two are as different as two different societies, in that you are correct.
  8. I look forward to reading your scientific research paper, in which journal will you be publishing ?
  9. Your bank Rabbit card should work on the BTS (not the MRT) Active lines here: Not sure about the ferries...but I believe they are open now...I remember it was about 3 baht. last year cash. Many major tourist places are open but you may find them uncrowded and appealing...better wait for the crowds to make it awful to visit for an authentic experience (:)) And you don't need an MRT card ...you can buy tokens at the machines
  10. This forum does that a lot....I am almost afraid of quoting anymore...let's hope this one works !
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