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  1. Just look at the evil western planning and events and one can fear what is coming to here. Im afraid every last bit of business is gonna be wacked on the next lockdown here, wether that be in 1 or 5 months from now…. I feel sorry for all my Thai tourism biz friends and workers, they look traumatized and starved already and this could dim the light at the end of the tunnel. They have nothing to even buy tooth paste let alone food. Helping a dozen but there is thousands of them by now. Homeless everywhere too, druggies, crime rise etc. I wonder if we will get shot gun gu
  2. Thailand is way cheaper than Indonesia. Living off 20M baht and asking wether that is possible must be the best joke, I did it with 1M. Most western people start or retire with a fraction of that amount. I guess its true that most rich people are not thé brightest. A fool and his money part soon enough, to ask this tells your future.
  3. Those fish in the picture are poo poo in reality. Sewer city beach.
  4. Greatest film of our lives is how covid is abused for power control, taking even more welfare to the elite and destroying livelihoods. The next lockdown is gonna kill all local businesses left. Yeah laugh and despise my comment, just as i was laughed at when i said boosters will be mandatory and certificates expiring, as well new outbreaks taking place; this is today’s news and reality. Winter is coming, has come already.
  5. I have my entire body red dotted like psoriasis right now, but it has been almost a month since my second shot which was AZ. No allergies, no other special things happened. I have had multiple (minor) health issues aside of having been very sick from it since vaccinating. While my history is to never have anything + only a bad flu once every 4-5 years... I also hear this more and more over time from other people now, so it does not even seem to be that rare, it actually seems they keep it out of the news because it is more important tot reach 100% vaccinated. I won't ta
  6. Non-o child visa until his son is like 20 years old is the best option, not sure wether you still need the mother for that once the child is at the age 7-8 years old but I guess Ubonjoe will know that part. Via agent you can get it done for sure with just a copy of the mother ID card / housebook.
  7. Until you think there is nothing in the wall, and while breaking it the pipes all burst + get caught hehehe. Just do it!
  8. Keep on dreaming, I will get 100 thais taking out credit to the max and offer them housing and food for 2 years too then.
  9. Seems you met a Thai ghost, go to the temple and tell the monk, you feel better after even if not believing in it.
  10. You think those credit guys are unprepared? Interest would be triple or even more if that was applicable, it would mean free money to thais and credit companies go bankrupt.
  11. So my friend was right then, thanks. Funny too as i passed an abandoned unfinished condo today without any walls showing that exactly.
  12. Getting a lawyer while failing to repay 30k over 6 years… Right. Even they had one they still lose.
  13. Statue of limitations is not relevant to such debts, as far I am aware. Certainly not as long its an active case.
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