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  1. I never said to fear death until I got hit by a corrupt lawyer and was suddenly on the road, to then have an attempted setup at the hospital. Yeah I did fear death for a moment there, but the will to be alive is the reason I am still here today. Fear surviving life, not death itself.
  2. Imagine you could just get 75 billion baht in revenue as a country, trough tourism, by putting on a party with 2 artists most don't care about. It wouldn't even work with Michael Jackson.
  3. As far I know this would simply mean you need to make a colour copy yourself and then get it stamped with Ministry of Foreign affairs. This is usually something that can be done very easy and fast for 200 baht or something. Guess complicated if not knowing anyone here unless spending on a lawyer or so.
  4. 2 bottles of water, 2 instant coffee and earl grey tea are included, you will pay that back by taking 1 can of coke out the minibar for 80B after you left the restaurant too late and 7/11 closed for curfew.
  5. Disagree, I always book a 1-day stay in a 3-4 star hotel on the first night only as I can easily find a better deal in person right after. Basically as reception is often helpful, starting off in a central A location etc.
  6. It is good for a smooth and soft skin, this is part of the new Thailand 4.0 soft approach.
  7. After a good year of moving to various places and having BKK as a temporary home base, I finally got my misses to accept Chiang Mai for the long haul. Will buy a cheap home that is paid off in 5 years time, schools aren't too expensive and I know every place and soi too. So I guess, will still be quite happy again soon, specially as it both saves me money short term as well long term. I could survive a 65% slash of income in case more bad things are happening over the next couple of years.
  8. Tested positive = hospital for up to 14 days as of now at your own cost. Expect 150K average if not insured or covered by insurance. On hospital discretion they sometimes let people out after a week. I doubt this will change, might be 7 days in the future but certainly not 'at home'. Thais would cheat.
  9. They basically told the OP that he no longer needs 40K a month or 400K in the bank, so instead you can make returns on that capital now. 20K isn't that expensive either and the usual price, you should ask if that includes a multi entry lol as no agent is taking a cut already.
  10. You must be blind entirely in that case, i expect an personal apology when the news comes in by januari
  11. I'd leave my condo if i wasn't allowed visitors, specially at this stage. Personally not experienced any trouble at friends their places all tho pool and gym is limited to like 2-4 pax only.
  12. Thailand is open but everything that is fun is actually closed, and you go into your room and bed by 9-10PM latest. And if you are lucky with our PCR test lottery you win a 14 day stay at 150K baht cost only, free masks included.
  13. 20% in mr flowers his dreams I guess, they would be lucky with 3% this year.
  14. The world and all events of the past 1.5 year? Or have you still not seen enough aligned in perfect global effort? Anyone knows the booster shots are for next year, they only delay that in western countries for now because that creep at WEF said we first need to give poor countries their first shots. For Thailand it's already known too they do 3 shots minimum for the vast majority vaccinated so far, as they have 2x sinovac. So even a big chance for needing 4 here over time. It's very simple, Thailand does it and if they don't, they will be back on all red lists to still
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