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  1. No local teachers 'driving change' on the list? The Thai educational system is stagnated?
  2. ......as long as the brakes work. If not it's 'selfies' on the way down.......
  3. Enabling a peaceful bowel movement as the sitter drifts downstream........
  4. They closed the gates and formed a bucket line to transfer the released water back to the reservoir?
  5. The alternative flavour is cocaine. Users can be recognised by the noodles hanging from their nostrils....
  6. The Colt .45 Model 1911 is readily available (illegally) in Thailand and is a favorite of hitmen. It is often reported as '11 mm' by news sources.
  7. My car won't do anywhere near 500kph, does that mean I can't use the new gates?
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