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  1. Often Chiang Mai is reported as the worst polluted city in the world.
  2. Are they the really cheap little yellow pills? Thais take them for sleeping pills, and with good reason. They really knock me for six. They do work well though if you need quick relief but expect to be out of it for a day or so. Even taken at night I feel like have had a big night on the grog next day
  3. You're right Sheryl re Claratyn. It was the Loratadine that was making me drowsy, even though its not supposed to. The Fexofenodrine is a knock off of something though isn't it? Can't remember the farang generic name. The Fexo was making me drowsy too until I stumbled onto the really low dose ones. It probably wouldn't work too fast if you needed immediate results for eg hives or something but taking one a day seems to keep things in check
  4. I am sure the pollution here doesn't help, but I had allergies before I came here, and still do, and about the same symptoms and intensity. I live up country. Usually season changes triggers it for me. Mainly sneezing and itchy eyes. Last 5 years, as well as the itchy eyes and sneezing I have developed an itchy area on my right forearm that becomes maddeningly itchy. All sorted now with the meds I take.
  5. I use a product called Fexofenadine. I think its a Thai knock off of Claratyn. Its a 1 a day pill. I use 60mg because anymore than that makes me drowsy as do most of the other allergy pills, even the non drowsy type. They do up to 180 mg strength but for me I find better taking the weaker one. If my allergy is really bad I will take one morning and one night. Its cheap too at 60 baht per pk 10
  6. I have always found it to be flaky last 3 years. Gave up on it for a long time. Last time about 3 months ago however I think I worked out it only would work for me weekdays and in normal business hours. I was getting the same thing, couldn't get past the first page, instructed to contact local office. I tried at least 10 times and after many attempts it miraculously worked.
  7. Can someone refresh my memory re time window to report online? I can't remember if 2 or 3 weeks before report date? Also reporting in person too thanks Is the online reporting working now or as usual intermittent?
  8. Organizing to go to Koh Chang soon and obviously things could change but wondering if anyone lives or travels to Koh Chang can tell us current requirements. Getting mixed responses from Hotel and Ferry. We are from Khon Kaen (red zone?) I have had one Astra so apparently I am ok to go anywhere but Mrs still waiting for her Sino or whatever she is going to get. The ferry is saying she needs to have a test 72 hours before from the hospital, so I am not sure if that means a swab test from a clinic etc or they want the full certificate test. Then someone told her something different again. The hot
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