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  1. I think at hotel or close by. Remember these hotels won't be far from airport. Anyway I'm going to wait until in the New Year to visit.
  2. I think the way I read it that when you land they take you straight to the hotel you booked and testing either there or near by. Cant imagine that they will do it at airport.
  3. Plus hopefully entertainment venues will be open. I'm not a great bar person.,get bored sitting around too much. But if I'm out for a stroll and walk past a bar I like to go have a drink and chill. Bit of banter with staff etc. I'm waiting for after the new year see how it goes before I book.
  4. I let you know when I arrive. Have them cleaned and ready lol
  5. That is good news about flight booking because I not sure of the date yet. Looking in the new year because of work commitments here in London. As far as my policy wording it doesn't say persifically £50.000 for Covid it just says limit of £10 million for medical cover I think I will call the helpline and ask about that
  6. I have world travel insurance with my bank(Barclays). It says that I am covered for treatment if I catch covid whilst on my trip as well as cover for other medical expenses. I'm hoping this is OK.
  7. Omg look at that poster!!!! Scare the <deleted> out of the kids. Do your homework or we will get that massive poster out of Baron Greenback
  8. What a surprise. A close advisor to little fatty and a fellow Dinosaur
  9. And some of the toughest soldiers you can work with. Always smiling and greeted you. Shame its gone.
  10. This Dinosaur spent years having a go at opposition. Was the first to endorse Prayut as pm. Would be good he got some of his own medicine but doubt it as he close advisor to little fatty. Karma would be good
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