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  1. a few funny ones in there, and some edited out of context too, still, El Trumpo is speaking coherently and awake and compos mentis.... now, you want me to post more of Biden mumbling, fumbling, tripping, looking totally lost, running with his non slip sneakers on?
  2. they were mocking the left for calling Trumpo Diaper Don, its all in the article...the one you selectively screenshotted! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-diapers-over-dems/
  3. 'opinion' says it all! where are the clips of Trump falling off stages, bikes, tripping up steps, forgetting what he was saying mid sentence, reading the teleprompter a little too much, walkig t wrong doors, relaying conversations to people that were already dead. lets see video proof.... not opinions!
  4. so where do you store stuff you buy or is it day by day? if going by the bed situation you're all on the floor without any space, os is that being slightly exaggerated?
  5. 'you know, you know the thing' Joe Biden, there are 1000's more, heres is one just for 2021!.... https://duckduckgo.com/?q=joe+biden+famous+gaffes&t=brave&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D3bWM1zsnTJc
  6. perhaps without his pupils being so dilated as last time, or maybe that was photoshop! 😎
  7. is that correct?i don't have any experience of thai prisons, i do of UK ones
  8. has he ridden a bike since? trump doesn't to prove he is fit and able, unlike Biden & his handles, thats why they have him wearing aviators, running across the WH lawn and riding a bike.... or falling...tripping up plane stairs x3, walking off stage in the wrong direction or talking to dead people!...i could carry on
  9. notice the distinct lack of coverage about that, now, imagine for 1 second that had been under Trump, you'd all still be going on about it now!
  10. haha, you really are delusional, lets get the 'gaff-o-metre' out and see who is ahead.
  11. have you ever heard how he bought mar-a-largo, quite a clever man. how many billions do you have?
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