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  1. " the Constututional Court is sexist" The Thai judicial system operates under common law. According to Thailand's 800 year existence, the ruling is perfectly aligned with the historical tradition and culture of the old kingdom. No change will come from the "top."
  2. Likely so. The CPTPP request on Free Trade Agreements that are typically supervised by a mandatory arbitration committee and enforced by the World Trade Organization. However, as China rejects The World Court ruling regarding its claim to sole possession of the South China Sea, it's likely it would also ignore any kind of world judicial appeal that might be stipulated in the CPTPP FTA regarding any trade practices that violate the CPTPP trading rules. Just as Thailand under the Prayut regime has violated FTA rules with the Philippines (cigarettes), Australia (gold mining) and Singapo
  3. The linked article makes no mention of whom allegedly defrocked the monk. However, the ASEANNOW.com byline appears to indicate the Thai Police defrocked the monk. If so, that would be inappropriate as such would be the duty of the Thailand Council of Buddhists to initiate such an action. But the monk is from Mynamar where he likely was initiated as a monk (really unknown where). From that perspective it would seem a Mynamar Buddhist oversight council would be the authority to defrock the monk. So the frocking story is confusing.
  4. There is no UNHCR Thailand per se, ie., as a government agency. UNHCR has a "representation" in Thailand as a nongovernment organization. What UNHCR Thailand says about this incident is irrelevant to the Thai government. There is a government Thailand HRC. But it is, as of the 2017 "reconstitution constituion," completely "defanged" of any independent political power. It was decertified by the UNHRC.
  5. "put Thailand in a disadvantage position" Otherwise known as "in an equal footing." Many of Thai economists have urged Prayut to join but likely as he perceives it as a challenge to China's economic Asian Silk Road trade project, that includes Thailand-China dual rail system being financed by China, Prayut has little political motivation to join which has little to fo with the people of Thailand. However, recently China seems interested in joining given the US during the Trump regime pulled out which would mean China could dominate the CPTPP. Such would then motivate Prayut to "
  6. "Return to the US permanently" You also go to Guam which has substantial medical services due to US Naval population.
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