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  1. There also no such thing as "American Indians" as they were never citizens of America. In fact prior to 1777 there was no America. They might more correctly be called "indigenous natives" but that doesn't carry as much excuse for discrimination.
  2. Why couldn't they just go out and stop him before he was in peril? Fine him.
  3. A single lane uncontrolled U-turn is inappropriate for a logging truck or any more than two axle vehicles. If a U-turn is allowed for big wheelers it should have a two lane median and the exit lane into the U-turn should have warning lights. But Thailand seems to value highway costs over the dead and injured.
  4. Ignoring the more than 52 million Thai registered voters in 2023. On the other hand the Chinese Communist Politburo is much more efficient as a group of 24 top officials who oversee the party and central government. Power within the CCP Politburo is further centralized in the Politburo Standing Committee, a group of 7 individuals from among the larger Politburo. Shouldn't be a problem for Thailand to scale down further.
  5. After more than 2.5 years of Russian invasion, Thailand voices "concerns?" Maybe contributing to Ukraine's defense of its ports, grain gathering and shipments would deflate some of those concerns. But Thailand itself appears to be a political hostage that should be a greater concern.
  6. Should not the EC bring to the CC a complaint that every supporter should be charged with sedition or treason as it has with MFP?
  7. Thailand falls between Tunisia and Armenia, and scores worse than several communist countries. I'm not impressed.
  8. MY reading of the Organic Act in other sections is that subsequent to a successful parliamentary legislative action (create, amend or abolish a law), the CC has the power to adjudicate the legality of such action and order any appropriate legal consequence where held unconstitutional. It would seem extraordinary, if not unconstitutional for the CC to insert itself into either a mere thought of a proposed bill, to a parliamentary reading of a proposed bill, or prior to any legislation action to refuse, accept, amend or pass the bill. Obviously, if the bill is defeated (ie., majority parliamentary vote), there shouldn't be any constitutional crisis. The status quo remains. Otherwise, it would seem appropriate then for the EC or the congressional minority who failed to stop passage of the bill to elevate the issue to the CC for adjudication. In any typical 'constitutional democracy,' sovereignty of the nation lies in its people who are represented politically by an elected legislature. But in EC's complaint and remedy it seems to ignore such sovereignty.
  9. Every day in the Russian-Ukraine war the US "toys" have proven to be superior weapons. Russia is in hysteria anticipating F-16's to flown by Ukraine to be used in Ukraine combat zones and possibly over Russia. The Gripen is a light air combat fighter with good agility & modest strike capability. It would do well for national defense within Thailand. Unlike Ukraine, Thailand does not have a border with any aggressive state. The F-16 is a much heavier & more powerful aircraft that has morphed from an air superiority fighter into a medium strike fighter with good agility & powerful strike capability. It would be superior outside of Thailand. Note that South Korea facing war mongering North Korea has F-16's. Same for Taiwan facing daily invasion threats from China.
  10. Maybe seawater desalination plants? In 2021 one was being planned for the EEC but that likely had Thai military and PM Prayut behind it, Prayut being on the EEC Board. Current politics might not help PM Thavisin get similar support.
  11. I would think that when it's wheels up on takeoff from Dubai that there would be a pressure warning, not hours later into the flight when the wheel gear is in stored position not requiring hydraulic pressure.
  12. As landing gear was in a stored position, there should be no pressure to cause a leak. Maybe a faulty pressure gauge?
  13. I agree with your comments. But by staying he shows what a travesty this system of government truly is - an unelected Deep State that has little tolerance for political deviation from its own rigid authoritarian and fear to any progressive, liberal thinking. Better to fall in battle than whimper in obedience.
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