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  1. The court's decision ( by whom) is perplexing as based on the very recent video disclosure of the prisoner's suffocation, I don't think Ferrair had not yet been formerly charged much less prosecuted in court for murder. It appears based on the brevity of the news article that the prosecution just approached the court personally to request a finding of suffocation by Ferrari and the court in effect by-passed any trial.
  2. What were the grounds to acquit 3 PDRC leaders? As seems typical the Thai courts just make verbal pronouncements without any written* public legal decision explaining its decision and foundation for a decision. Realize Thailand uses common law that may allow the court to ignore statutory law and regulations, but in a democracy shouldn't there be transparency of the court decision process? *based on my perceived lack of any such publications even for Charter Court decisions.
  3. There are no-cost administrative policies to improve protection of the subject elephants such as reduce traffic volume, reduce traffic density (ie., maintain minimum 100m distance between vehicles), and time-based studies to minimize or eliminate traffic during periods of potential herd movement. Then there are the obvious expensive use of auto tunnels, elevated road gradients and BTS-like structural elevations. Or a combination of alternatives.
  4. "Thailand's Carbon Dioxide Emmissions Have Significantly Increased Over the Past 10 Years" Dec. 2020 https://www.climatescorecard.org Note that PM Prayut has been in power for about 6.5 years to the date of the article. His government continues to add fossil-fueled power plants, plans to use palm oil as plant fuel, and used city planning that in effect increases CO2 emmission traffic. Ye, Prayut has allowed some alternative energy projects but EGAT continues to only accept grid-parity prices of electricity generated from renewable sources. https://www.reut
  5. "not violate any law" ? Clearly this is a public protest against government policies by more than 5 persons on public property. Pedestrian street protests of more than 5 persons have been deemed violation of law and met with police violence including water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets and/or arrest. But for the truckers seems the only police action will be to control traffic. I suppose typical police aggression against protesters won't work well against protesters riding in truck, albeit couldn't they still be arrested for violation the law? Unjustified justice.
  6. Just to remind all, the Constitutional Court in response to a lawsuit brought by a foreigner recently ruled that "dual pricing" that charges foreigners much more than paid by Thai citizens for things like park admission fees was constitutional. As I recall, the rationale was that foreigners have more money and can afford the higher prices.
  7. Ranking by healthcare system must presume a single system for each country, ie., the prevalent system. Not to do so is mixing "apples to oranges" to get pears. Case in point is the USA that relies on a privatized healthcare system ( with the exception of federal-operated Walter Reed Hospital for veterans). vs UK/Canada that rely on nationalized Healthcare. vs Thailand that seems to have to both US and UK/Canada systems (I could not find any data for Thailand to distinguish between the two for comparative purposes). As such ranking for Thailand should be solely based on
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