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  1. @tac Your posts are confusing. Can you post a copy or a photo of the latest stamp in your passport that has the word "visa" on it? PS. No, forget that. Can you post a copy or a photo of the stamp that has the date of 29 July 2024 on it?
  2. See https://aseannow.com/topic/1329955-denied-entry-to-cambodia-at-the-border/?do=findComment&comment=18996879 Nothing to do with skin colour, only with nationality
  3. There is already a topic running dedicated to the proposed increase of permission to stay for visa-exempt entries.
  4. Please see Section 84 of the Immigration Act. It is the Settlement Committee, of which "the Commander of the Immigration Division or representative" is a member, that has the power "to authorize the inquiry official or the competent official to carry out settlement on its behalf", ie issue a fine, in accordance with the "criteria for settlement or any conditions as deemed fit" prescribed by the Settlement Committee. The English translation of Section 84 is a bit convoluted and you may want to take the Thai original of the Immigration Act and have a lawyer explain it to you.
  5. You have quoted Section 76 of the Immigration Act correctly, but immigration officials are not authorised to issue penalties for contraventions of Section 37 under this section, only under Section 84.
  6. The minimum fee for the failure to notify immigration of staying in Thailand longer than 90 days as required by Section 37(5) of the Immigration Act is not 2,000 Baht. This amount seems to be the fixed amount, not the minimum amount, an immigration official is allowed to fine under Section 84 of the Immigration Act. I say "seems to be" because I have been unable to find the document listing the "criteria for settlement or any conditions as deemed fit" mentioned in Section 84 or a link to it. Thank you for posting the link https://www.immigration.go.th/?page_id=1666. The following text on that page is false and the owner of the website could be sued for this under the Computer Crimes Act.
  7. There seems to some misunderstanding here. Nobody is talking about extending an extension. With any type of multiple-entry visa, the traveller is granted, upon every entry into Thailand, a permission to stay for a specific period dependent on the type of visa. For the DTV under discussion, this period of permission to stay would be 180 days and can, if the traveller so wishes, be extended for 180 days.
  8. Could it be that instead of the "visa expiration date", immigration wants the expiration date of your current extension of stay?
  9. The latest update I saw a few days ago was that the government was still debating the DTV and that an announcement may be made in September, presumably of this year. In the meantime, we can all enjoy the amusement of the speculations of all kinds and the often false reports in the news media, blogs and social media.
  10. You will find out soon enough, tomorrow when you pick up your passport. Who knows, perhaps something you said in your conversation with the immigration official gave him the impression that you wished to apply for a non-O visa for the reason of living with your Thai wife. If you have a copy of the application form you sumitted you can check what got written there.
  11. Take also your old passport with you when you go to immigration. They will want to put some notes in your new passport about information in your old passport.
  12. Are there really as many as 17 different categories of Non-immigrant Visas? I saw a list posted but I don't remember it being that long. Do they perhaps mean 17 clauses in the Police Order regarding extensions of stay referring to the one-year extension of the permission of stay received upon entry with a Non-immigrant Visa? It wouldn't be the first time that government people say visa when they mean extension of stay. It's all so perplexing; my head is spinning.
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