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  1. Greetings all, swaddee kap, Are ASQ travellers allowed to take duty free purchased liquor to their hotel rooms for quarantine? What if i was to bring UK purchased booze in my luggage? Surely this won't be a issue, but i would like to make sure. Cheers guys.
  2. Do the currency booths at heathrow give thai bhat? Can anybody else confirm the booths are still open please.
  3. Greetings all, swaadee kap, Can anybody point me in the right direction with regards to if the currency exchange booths are still open at swampy? If not whats the best way to obtain thai bhat if travelling from LHR to BKK? My ASQ hotel doesnt have a exchange service and i doubt they will allow me to make an ATM withdrawal. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. thank god I've received my decision quickly. thanks for all the help and input everybody.
  5. all booked up and submitted. How long should I expect to get a reply from them in, with regards to them approving my COE and issuing it?
  6. You mean if i already have the COE allowing me to fly to bangkok, then i would have to inform the embassy right? I just have confirmation of pre approval.
  7. Thats is a lovely view indeed, do they let you order stuff from 7-11? I want to leave asap rather than in 2 weeks just incase something changes as you mention mate, u defo sure it wont cause an issue if i submit earlier bookings vs when i told them i intend on leaving on pre approval? Thanks again for your input and help.
  8. cheers mate, will check that hotel out, anybody got any experience with Amber Hotel Pattaya? looks good for the price. Quick question with regards to my COE, Can I book a flight and hotel earlier than the dates I intended/gave them on the pre approval form online, as I would like to travel by the end of next week?
  9. Update 2: To my amazment, I have received an email confirming my application already! The jobsworths aint actually being jobsworths for once! Time to crack open a beer and look for a nice hotel in Pattaya with a sea view hopefully :)) and flights obviously.
  10. Update: I finally got it to work, by just leaving the vaccine section completely blank. I plan on getting my second jab and taking a vaccine passport print out with me and if I get questioned, it clearly says no vaccine needed for asq anyway so technically I'm doing nothing wrong, il tell them the issue I had with their website! I got a 6 digit code in an email and it says I should get a response within 3 working days. It says at the bottom in red when I received my 6 digit code: Very Important: gives the info about the 3 days and then 15 to upload the tick
  11. I tried that also by just using the date of my first jab, but no luck
  12. Im baffled as to why its asking me for a cert if i selected asq bangkok at the start of the ceo pre approval. Stressful to say the least.
  13. Yes I'm uploading the passport and insurance docs like this perfectly fine, its just the vaccine cert it keeps asking me for which is causing the issue when you click the save and submit it just reloads the page and asks for the cert which members mentioned is not needed.
  14. so I need to upload all the documents in each section twice? ridiculous!
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