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  1. Yes, from the articles that have been published so far it's pretty much impossible to understand how the system would actually work in practice. They have presumably designed the whole thing already, so I'm not sure why they don't just explain it fully and clearly right now.
  2. That would be far more expensive for the foreigners than you imagine. You may come from a country with universal free health care, in which case good for you. But that might also make you less cognizant of just how expensive care can be if you need to pay for it, especially for those in higher age groups. If you have a life threatening condition that requires intensive intervention or advanced surgical techniques, your treatment could end up costing over 30 million baht. Medical care is expensive. I don't doubt that at all, but that's for the entire population in
  3. Don't worry, this is just another fever dream that will never be implemented.
  4. How exactly are they abused? And Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul all have transit systems made up of various components run by different companies - some public and some private - and they all have fully functioning universal transit cards.
  5. I only knew him from seeing the fabulous musical revues he produced at the Tawan Daeng German Brewery in Bangkok, but Thai friends who went to Chula deeply respected him as a well-known professor and performer. He wasn't widely known internationally, but was quite famous in Thailand for decades.
  6. Every year I bring a copy of my lease and my TM-30 to CW for my retirement extension, but keep them in my bag just to see if they will be requested. No officer has ever asked for them.
  7. The Thailand Pass application will supposedly take care of this by producing a QR code that can be used domestically after you've uploaded your overseas vaccination records...but please note that I said "supposedly"...
  8. That's true, but people are also looking at the difference between the big announcements ("Thailand is open! No quarantine! No more COE!) and the reality of what the new requirements seem likely to be. If the PR were more honest from the beginning, folks would be more likely to accept the changes for what they are rather than for what they would like them to be. Yes, I noticed that the pricing tools for the Thai Covid insurance providers don't even ask about vaccination status, even though that has a huge impact on the likelihood of large medical bills.
  9. Her "Lalisa" video has over 270 million views and she's performed on The Tonight Show in the US, so I'd say she's fairly well known outside of Thailand.
  10. Of course they can - it has nothing to do with jurisdiction in a foreign country. When Thai immigration receives passenger data through APIS, they can just send a message back through the airline's computer saying "do not board" a particular person. Since the carrier knows they'll be fined if they ignore that instruction, they will not board the passenger. In practice I've never heard of Thailand actually doing this, but other countries (like the US) do it all the time
  11. So they aren't scheduled to attend, they will be invited. But they haven't been invited, the TAT is just aiming to invite them. But the plan to aim to invite them isn't set, it's still pending. And the plan isn't definite, it requires further consideration. So it's basically a sure thing.
  12. "As of 3 June 2021, WHO has evaluated that the following vaccines against COVID-19 have met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy: AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine Johnson and Johnson Moderna Pfizer/BionTech Sinopharm Sinovac" https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/covid-19-vaccines/advice
  13. "The police chief explained that under current arrangements one of the first things police check is to see if the foreigner has a Thai wife or girlfriend in their efforts to track a suspect down or locate his current address." Wives who are connected with a marriage extension, ok. But immigration keeps a database of people's girlfriends? I don't think so. That's right. But the key point is that the list is checked against the destination country's blacklist; if a passenger has criminal intent but is not already known to Thailand, nothing will happen. Immigration has
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