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  1. That website also has this notice on each page: "Dear all valued customers, We are hibernate our service since May 1st"
  2. They're talking specifically about the much-discussed and much-delayed "Pattaya Move On" sandbox scheme, not general entry of travelers. Different rules, assuming it ever comes to fruition.
  3. The same thing has happened in a number of countries experiencing outbreaks (I thought even the UK, though I could be mistaken). You get a lower efficacy, but you get it right now, and it's still much better protection than what you're getting from the single dose you already received. Waiting an extra month to get better efficacy from the second dose leaves you more vulnerable in the meantime, which may be undesirable if the virus is running rampant in your area. It's just a trade-off.
  4. "One item currently being discussed is to advise people travelling to the 14 provinces in Southern Thailand to avoid Hua Hin by using the Cha-Am to Pranburi bypass road, in order reduce the risk of potential infections in the town." Does Covid now seep in and out of moving vehicles?
  5. I'm sure all the rideshare companies will be overjoyed to receive instructions from these very wise men on how to set their fares
  6. What "talks" are required when a gift is offered with no strings attached, and how could the "results" of those talks ever be in doubt? I would think a simple "thank you" would do the the job very nicely.
  7. Let's see. Tammy Duckworth has absolutely no incentive to lie, since this issue is of zero importance to her constituents. Anutin, on the other hand... And just for laughs, let's pretend that the information from this expert in protocol and diplomacy is accurate. Why didn't the Thai ambassador just tell Duckworth "hey, for our internal purposes we kind of need a paper from your Embassy in Bangkok, would you mind providing that"? It would have been sent the next day. But more to the point, someone is publicly offering you a gift worth $30 million that your people desperately need. W
  8. Remind me again of which country was boasting that it would be Astra Zeneca's vaccine hub for Southeast Asia?
  9. Are you thinking of the Royal Plaza collapse in Korat? It was illegally modified, but from three stories to six, so not a high rise per se. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Royal_Plaza_Hotel
  10. Then I guess it depends which circles you move in, since all of my Thai friends are either fully vaccinated or eagerly waiting for a second dose (mostly of AZ). I do agree that most Thais have developed a fair amount of skepticism for Sinovac, feeling that it was being foisted on them by the government for reasons unconnected with health, but that distrust for government officials has also piqued their interest in Pfizer and Moderna, which are seen as the good vaccines that the ministers are trying to prevent them from getting. Ironically, the Thai medical establishmen
  11. Absolutely. If large numbers of people start coming in from abroad, there will realistically be no choice other than to accept foreign certificates, even if those can't really be verified. This is already the way things work in many other countries, where the folks checking at the door pretty much let in anyone with a plausible looking certificate from any nation. I'm not aware of any country that issues a certificate for vaccinations performed in a different locality.
  12. Yet more nonsense about this system. First of all, AOT doesn't use the system for anything - they're an airport management company. The system is used by Immigration and Customs. Second, the system has never been used "to detect air passengers with criminal records to help contain transnational crime". Contrary to claims they've made since APPS was introduced, it does not somehow give them access to criminal records from other countries that would otherwise be unavailable to them; all it does is send passenger information ahead of the flight so that authorities can (the
  13. That form has been required for the last few years - you may have just forgotten that you signed it last year. Criteria (5) on the form covers the combination method - it's just phrased in a somewhat confusing way.
  14. Since CDC will accept all WHO-authorized vaccines for immigrants entering the US, it seems virtually certain that the same will apply to nonimmigrants once the requirement goes into effect, but of course we won't know for certain until it's officially announced. "The COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in these Technical Instructions, hereinafter referred to as “approved COVID-19 vaccines,” are those vaccines authorized for emergency use (EUA) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or listed for emergency use (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO) (see “Status of COVID-1
  15. You don't need biometrics to check passport stamps, you just look into the arrival-departure system and see whether the stamps correspond with computer records.
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