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  1. Wait for the wailing when everything eventually goes electric. They better be preparing for it now. Funny how too many people start farming something because they think they can make more money from it and then demand the government save them when there is an oversupply and prices go down.
  2. Better yet a wall of giant fans. It will keep thiers out and suck yours to them.
  3. There is a bangkok post article that names all the brands that passed and failed.
  4. My first Sinovac shot if I had been asleep when they gave it to me I would have never known. About 4 hours after this Moderna shot yesterday my arm started getting sore. Made it hard to lift my arm up. This evening it is still sore but seems to be easing up now.
  5. Everyone being vaccinated and being covid free are 2 completely different things.
  6. Yes, They wanted 2,400 up front in June and another 900 when scheduling the appointments (price for 2 shots)
  7. Is this the paid for Moderna's from registrations back in June? I registered then before any expat vax government services has started and THG only accepted my Thai ID# at time, not my foreign passport. I have since been given a vaccine ID# from two free govt jabs using my passport ID. Does THG match the two ID systems to give you one vaccination certificate like you seem to have in the photo? Yes booked back in June, they are up to queue number 150,000 now. Have to pay 900 more baht and schedule a date on their LIne app(by today I believe for this round). I
  8. The mor phrom app has a button at the bottom for an international vaccination certificate. When I had my Moderna shot at Thonburi hospital today they said the Thai certficate was not good outside of Thailand. And to use Mor Phrom on LIne to get the international one. It's all in Thai so you might need some help completing it.
  9. But my prayer was not to get covid.... I guess that explains my krathong flipping over and sinking.
  10. I received my first Moderna vaccination at Thonburi Hospital today. OMG so much easier here than the government run ones. From the time I entered to getting my shot was less than 5 minutes.
  11. We bought some property a few months ago. The seller paid everything. It just depends on the agreement you have.
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