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  1. My understanding is that the year of earning is only relevant to pre 2024 income and savings. After that is remittance tax: you are taxed on what you bring in whatever it is.
  2. A couple of thoughts on that. Do not try to pay zero income tax, the cost of achieving that might be higher than the tax you would have paid with a less binary attitude. Some level of contribution to the country we live in can also be gratifying, even though LOS is the most ungrateful place I have lived in. You don't have to be non resident every year, depending on your income/savings configuration you could be non resident every other year, third year or fourth year. Mobilise/Remit your savings in the non resident year, to keep tax below the 20% threshold during resident years.
  3. IMHO they gonna soon drastically limit those pointless yearly extension. They want quality long stayers.
  4. Book Emirates from KL to London. Pay in MYR, use your VPN if that makes you feel better. Fly Airasia to KL, board your flight.
  5. Doesn't have to be that extreme. Lets say a family of four needs 3 Million a year. Husband transfers 1.5 to support himself and his share of the kids and transfers 1.5 to the wife so that she supports herself and her share of the kids. What will RD do? a) Tax Husband on 3 Million, b) Tax Husband on 1.5 M and Wife on 1.5 M, c) Tax Husband on 1.5 M and consider Wife's money as a gift. I'd be happy with b) but I don't think RD will agree.
  6. Switch all your holidays to overseas, thats half a million I wouldn't have to remit to Thailand. And gives the satisfaction of hurting the most cherished industry in Thailand.
  7. Yet another well thought, bullet proof, plan. And I envy the relationship you have with your GF.
  8. Yes, yes, thanks for your study proven by a sample of one, while: "Deaths linked to the clots are even rarer. There have been 72 deaths in the UK after 24.8 million first doses and 23.9 million second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Dr Alison Cave, the chief safety officer with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency which approves vaccines for use in the UK, said the benefits of Covid jabs outweighed the risks and urged people to come forward for vaccination if they are eligible. She said: “Lisa Shaw’s death is tragic and our thoughts are with her family."
  9. Did you manage to secure one of their private rooms?
  10. No one should panic too much here, the issue with the French DTA is that the text in the French and Thai versions differ. The French version spells clearly that pensions can only be taxed in France while the Thai version, translated into English says that it "may be" taxed in France. The English version has of course no value according to the French as the treaty has only been ratified in the two original languages. This only shows that anything can happen with these DTAs, but that doesn't mean that every single one will be affected by such glitches. On the bright side, and as in the Swiss presentation of a few months ago, the LTR is mentioned twice a exempting that of foreign income remittance. The nice French speaking lady from RD even says their is currently no plan to change that. Yes their was also some other horror, when one of the RD guys said that income from rental properties would be taxed in Thailand wether taxed at the source or not.
  11. Yes, but I'd like to bring to your attention that TRD has decided to slap 7% VAT on small overseas purchases.
  12. Hence the /WP suffix. I was answering a post regarding retirement/marriage options.
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