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  1. We don’t use A/C during the day, just normal fans. Then the lad has his on when he goes to bed at 20.00 all night. Then we have ours on from 22.00 running all night. Used to be for about 6 hours but this heat………wow!! Bill still only came to just over 1500THB.
  2. If you are sending documents to HMRC via DHL the address is HMRC, Benton Park View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ. This is the only address you can use for courier service. And DHL is the quickest way to get the documents there. Just as a footnote, documents I sent by Thailand Post EMS were somewhere in the air for 8 days!!! Never use them again!
  3. The water for Hin Lek Fai comes from Pranburi Dam and is separate to the main town of Hua Hin.
  4. I am shortly going to do the same. I have been told that you have to go to a hospital appointed by the Amphur to be checked mainly for mental reasons. Are you of sound mind etc. Then you can go back and get a Will drawn up and left with them. If anyone else knows more then please enlighten us.
  5. I have two savings account with Bangkok Bank in the same branch. One account for every day living which is joint with the wife and the other holds just over 800k for Immigration in just my name. That is the way to get round having two accounts.
  6. https://www.simpsons-uk.com/ I used this company back in 2015 when I moved out here. They are extremely professional and took care of everything. Packed and wrapped everything then took to their depot and placed in a container and shipped here. They have a company here who then took the goods out of the container and deliver. Could not fault them or the service.
  7. Hours ago I mentioned April Fools’ Day and that post also disappeared!!!
  8. I find this scenario highly unlikely. You have 2 totally different departments for a start. Immigration have enough paperwork to sift through and to impose this onto them would make extensions extremely hard work. Especially when quite a few, like myself I suspect, do not need to register for tax. And no, I have not got an LTR or anything. Just have enough money over here for us to live comfortably.
  9. That would be an interesting scenario for me. I stopped remitting money to Thailand in Dec 2023. I am due a sizeable inheritance which is not liable for taxation here and we can live off that easily. Therefore no TIN or any other tax documents! Only papers from my solicitors to state this is inheritance money, which are submitted to my bank here. There may be many other people who are in similar situations who do not need to remit money here for whatever reason. This is why I really do not reckon tax documents etc will ever be part of obtaining an extension of stay. To much hassle for them to sort this all out.
  10. Simple answer is No! Two totally different departments with no links.
  11. I stand corrected. The page did not display the cheapest options so they must have sold them. I was using the Thai pages so was quoted in THB. I was going to apologise for my error until you said that now I look silly!
  12. Had a friend of mine fly with them once and swore never again. Dirty planes and lousy food. Mind you I did book with them once and then they changed a timing from India to Heathrow which made it impossible to make the connection. Got my money back from the agent within a couple of months!
  13. Just to disprove your argument I have just looked at Business Class (Q Suite) for July BKK-LHR!! 82515 THB Benefits and fees per adult passenger Flexibility to make 2 changes Cancellation within 24hrs of booking without fees Checked baggage: 40 kg Hand baggage: 2 pieces, 15 kg total Seat selection included Lounge access included
  14. I have heard some stupid things in my life but this really does take the biscuit!! The PM must be influenced either by these supposed "high net worth individuals" or a good dose of yabba!! Last time I looked, Hua Hin already had an airport which has been totally ignored over the years! I know This Is Thailand but surely anyone with half an ounce of common sense would spend the money upgrading the facilities at half the cost of a mid sea monstrosity. And it could even be transformed to allow international flights as well as the high fliers jets. But that would be too easy.
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