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  1. Does the Queen's hospital at KKU Khon Kaen have a skin specialist for possible cancer? Some 15 years ago I was treated in Bangkok for pre skin cancer and had areas of damage frozen. It worked fine and all sites cleared up. Now in the past weeks it seems to have returned. I need to go to KK next month for pacemaker check so would visit a skin specialist on same day to avoid travel and Covid.
  2. OP - I'm in my late 70's so re-educating myself won't be easy. Although I had one of the first commercial computers out of the box with black screen and green text I had little spare time to enjoy it for pleasure; later traveled with a laptop under my arm for business from early 90's. Not wanting a TV was just a way of saying no add-ons such as a box.
  3. OP - for my needs a laptop size screen is fine and no the screen is not huge. It's not the screen size I am asking about it's an alternative to Dailymotion. My time spent viewing for pleasure is only around 2 hours per day so not worth spending on a TV + box.
  4. I don't have / want a TV, prefer to download, watch as and when I please , generally 1 - 2 hours per evening. There are plenty of TV series from UK, Europe and a few American and Australian. series. Generally I download from Dailymotion, easy to use, and many European series with subs. There does seem to be more incomplete series and Asian series than before. Youtube has become more and more restrictive and most TV serials do not have complete episodes. They also seem to block downloading. Can anyone recommend an alternative ( free ) site to Dailymotion / Youtube whe
  5. As others have mentioned probably air pollution, could check your aircon unit to see if it needs cleaning.
  6. I spoke to my local ( Banphai Khon Kaen ) post office manager and he stated firmly that the post office never contacts someone by email asking for payment for a parcel etc. I had similar emails to one of my accounts, I opened one of the emails and showed the PO manager, it IS a scam. Blacklist the email site and don't open any more. Report to your local PO although there is little they can do.
  7. I wet my finger and hold it in the air. Then I listen to what my body tells me. Ask a local farmer. Far more reliable than an "official" forecast.
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