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  1. Not sure if this could be the final COVID variant, but if the Spanish flu is anything to compare, that also fizzled out with less virulent and milder variants over time. Fingers crossed.
  2. The whole script regarding the poor village girl being forced to prostitute themselves so their families can survive is well and truly gullible tripe. Absolute BS. Many come as it is a lucrative, easy way to make a lot of money. Millions of others don't prostitute themselves, they work in regular jobs and help families, along with their siblings. It's a choice. I have spoken to and observed plenty of the girls over the years. Cashed up foreigners pay way over what they're worth for a basic biological act. Not complaining about that, but the fact is what is
  3. Force tenants to vacate the land, then convince owners to sell when no more rental income in a dead town. Maybe part of the secret casino plans?!?!? Maybe this is the secret agenda????
  4. Pawnbrokers are basically licensed receivers of stolen goods. After working several years in Oz auditing pawnbrokers and second hand dealers, the vast majority of goods pawned and sold are stolen. Not sure about Thailand but in Oz the person presenting the goods must produce ID and sign a declaration relating to ownership of the goods. Pawnbrokers obviously know that most of their goods are stolen, but to prove that is very difficult (need an admission or other evidence proving guilt). Police forces really need dedicated units who audit shops and check goods.
  5. I don't agree with the legalizing casino argument. All it does is industrialize and condone gambling with the vast majority of money being funneled in being proceeds of illicit means. It will bring in a hell of a lot more dirty money and along with it criminal entities. No casino is squeaky clean. Even in Australia where I am from, revelations have been revealed of knowingly facilitating and encouraging large scale money launderers - in both casino groups. Thailand with a severe lacking of corruption control and does not have the ability to conduct proper law enforcement. So
  6. I read one opinion from a virologist/epidemiologist in relation to Omicron in that with regards to admittedly only early data, Omicron, although allegedly a lot more infectious, may have less severe symptoms. He said this could be a good thing if a highly virulent strain like this dominated, as it could rapidly spread and help cause COVID to naturally die off (words to that effect). So, from my layman understanding, a very infectious COVID strain with very mild symptoms that was allowed to spread could be the way to wipe this thing out.
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