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  1. Yes you are correct, but by how much??
  2. I agree with you that someone is exercising his personal expression and I am a big fan of freedom of expression! But he does have some serious problems. The person in question has lumped all foreigners into the same boat, which is extremely xenophobic and potentially racist.
  3. There is always some moron who feels the need to inject their political agenda into a conversation where there is no ethereal connection!!
  4. Sounds like you have some serious problems???
  5. Agreed. But people will believe what they want to believe?
  6. Your totally missing the point, on purpose. Thai is only spoken in Thailand, whereas English is the most widely spoken language in the world. Meaning if you want to work or travel out of Thailand, it would benefit you to speak English!
  7. Women young and old dye their hair, some of its fashion, sometimes to look younger. So what the problem with men dyeing their hair?? Or is the OP being sexist?? Its just personal choice!
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