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  1. At the age of eight the only thing I thought about was if it was going to pee down with rain while walking to school in the morning.
  2. Just give them a quick visual inspection for signs of cracks etc. If they look good drive to a tyre service station and get the balance checked, they'll soon tell you if they're ok or they have a flat spot..
  3. Private company pension providers each will have their own rules on paying pensions to spouses. You'll have to check the small print. I believe the government/state pension now pays nothing to expat spouses..
  4. If they incinerate that lot they could put the south to sleep for a few days.
  5. Thank god I don't bank with them, if I did I might be moving my money to somewhere safer.
  6. Prayut specialises in short term solutions, except when it comes to his own employment.
  7. Don't they come as standard now? Maybe they'll have to fit an en-suite in the boot to keep up.
  8. Same as me... no online/internet banking. And definitely not via mobile phone, call me old school if you will.
  9. If she's been reasonable to you over the 10 years then she deserves something when you as it seems want to split. She has to have somewhere to live, that costs money, she has a son, that also costs money. Offer her a reasonable severance payment but make it clear it's a once and for all payment. After that she has to find employment or another sponsor.
  10. Some will go some will remain, it's all about location. Certain areas have nothing else to offer, others have evolved into other attractions.
  11. The justification of thousands of Generals & Commanders comfortable employment.
  12. The government have a choice... but choose to turn a blind-eye to the practices.
  13. You might want to "google" Andrea Bochelli he's the blind opera singer, his now deceased friend was the rotund singer Pavarotti.
  14. Yet the government figures are telling us the infection rate is on the decrease... How convenient is that with Nov 1st looming.
  15. Would be interesting to know how much the government subsidise the cost of fuel already?
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