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  1. O(k that's good ..now do a poll on those who are dependent on tourists .
  2. Does anyone know what the shelf life of these types of vaccine are do they have to store at minus 80 ?
  3. seen the photo you get me confused at 85 and going strong will have 2 or 3 same time
  4. Good old Thailand only foreigners need insurance and not Thais. after watching Thailand bound and another change at last minute. Unless you have family here or other interests i would stay away and go somewhere else. The system is very complex and confusing. according to Thailand bound if your nationality is not on your vaccine certificate you will not get in so those who are from the USA will not have that on the vaccine certificates 2 if had the boosters America will not disclose its not there policy. Check out Thailand bound 22nd oct on YouTube good luck to all .
  5. If this refers to the extended stay retirement visa? Then i can see loads of expats taking out there money a going elsewhere I'm sure the banks would love that. How would any one over 75 get insurance anyway and those with medical history I just renewed min 30th September with the 800.000 baht in the bank so at least i have a year left . My last quote for health cover was 133.000 baht and that was for only 1 Mil. so how much would it be for 3Mil
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