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  1. Never had any questions from my US based credit union such as was posed by your bank. My credit union serves military and families as well. The only question I am asked to transfer money is “what is the purpose of the transfer “ which is living expenses. Also a phone call to verify details of the transfer and identity confirmation. Maybe another new law? Seems odd.
  2. Son 16 received his yesterday. See my post wife and I are both jabbed and the hospital staff were amazing. Not for the son, last minute notifications from the school and vaccinating every school in the area on the same day was a bad idea.
  3. Son went in at 0900 and got vaccinated at 1500. Should have been better organized so kids didn't have to set all day with no food. No parents allowed once children entered the venue which I understand but all day without food? They could only drink water inside the venue. Little effort in planning? What is the second jab going to be like? Lot # expired on November 11th so there was a little time.
  4. Very happy your seats are five or six years old and still look and feel great, good on you for taking good care of the seats. Hope you get many years more. Thanks for the input.
  5. Games of Thrones Law & Order Breaking Bad Benny Hill Show Sons of Anarchy *Honorable mention: Shameless UK version
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