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  1. The 1.25 ohm make sense and when added up probably mostly come from the 300 m run from the genset. 60 m x 10 mm2 = 0.12 km x 1.7 = 0.2 ohm 300 m x 16 mm2 = 0.6 km x 1.1 = 0.66 ohm Since we are getting connected to government power, there is an option to lay new and larger cable for the 300 m run, but at a cost of course. Still considering it, but not sure it is actually worth the effort.
  2. Waiting for the super computer to be connected. The Next Platform: Thailand Set to Join Global Supercomputing Elite. https://www.nextplatform.com/2021/11/30/thailand-set-to-join-global-supercomputing-elite/
  3. All they have to do is build a model of a fresh market in China and press enter. Dr. Marr said the simulation might eventually allow scientists to predict the threat of future pandemics.
  4. Only $157 per tourist, fairly modest. Da Nang received more than 8.6 million visitors in 2019 and earned revenues of VND31 trillion from tourism.
  5. Thanks for the Grey line update. Is an elevated dual monorail really going to run the lenght of Thonglor? Wasn't it at one point planned as an underground line, similar to the MRT running under Asoke?
  6. Aerox on a wet day. 20211201_081809.mp4
  7. The Papillion might not be grand, but he still has a point. Many moons ago a 84 m2 unit was sold for 3.8 million with 24 years left on the lease. Do the math and suddenly the 64 m2 unit with 5.5 years left should sell for 663.5 k. Are you really getting the fire sale you think you are? Maybe we should have coffee one day?
  8. USB Length Limits Now that we understand the different USB types, it’s time to talk about length limits. Right out of the box, a USB 2.0 cable can be as long as 5 meters (about 16 feet). Of course, this length is rarely sold, and you’ll sometimes need to use an extension cable or connector. This is just fine, but keep in mind that this 5-meter limit is still in effect. In other words, you can connect a 6-foot cable to a 10-foot cable, and everything will be fine. The overall length of the cable is 16 feet. However, if you connect a 10-foot cable to a 10-foot cable, it isn’t going to work.
  9. The US seem to coexist fine next to an even bigger country, despite they engage in all kind of silly activities and dress their police force like below. China should do the same, mind their own business and leave Taiwan as the free and democratic country they are.
  10. Mega Plaza. You can take the MRT. https://www.inspirock.com/thailand/bangkok/mega-plaza-a6374755583?scroll=1240.888916015625&expand_plans=12
  11. The world have seen braindead leaders before, so be careful when you say never. CCP might give it a try while they sit it out in their 3,000 miles of tunnels. In December 2009, just as the students began making progress, the Chinese military admitted for the first time that the Second Artillery had indeed been building a network of tunnels. According to a report by state-run CCTV, China had more than 3,000 miles of tunnels — roughly the distance between Boston and San Francisco — including deep underground bases that could withstand multiple nuclear attacks. https://ww
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