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  1. Wizz tv seems to be popular with the Brits.
  2. I don't like Trump, but a Kamala Harris presidency is downright scary.
  3. Nothing is set in stone, there isn't even a new bill yet, and it will have to be debated by the govt first, then will need to be in the gazette before it becomes law. The OP is just stirring up trouble.
  4. Just like much of what's on this site, it's all unverifiable fiction.
  5. What's the name of the restaurant?
  6. I didn't even realize it's the weekend. Haven't punched a clock in over 3 years, so no reason to pay attention.
  7. It's great how people leave such nasty comments on this forum. FYI, I wouldn't have agreed to do this in the first place, but since he did, it would have been best to go through with it and not withhold money that doesn't belong to him. People will do very drastic acts if you take their money.
  8. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.
  9. There is no genocide in Gaza, only collateral damage. And if Trump gets in he won't be withholding weapons from Israel like Biden has.
  10. While we all want to see them debate, I seriously doubt it will change anybody's mind who to vote for. Everybody has already made their minds up.
  11. Calling you over, and screaming at you is 2 different things.
  12. Why can't people who hate Jews just admit it? At least then we will have honesty.
  13. In over 30 years of going to bars in Thailand, no one working at the bar has ever screamed at me, so it must be you.
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